TEA applauds some area campuses

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Three Beaumont ISD elementary schools not only met state standards but also earned further distinction in all of three key areas, according to a press release from the Texas Education Agency. Under the state accountability system, campuses in Texas that achieve the rating of "Met Standard" can also earn distinction designations for the following:

• Top 25 Percent Student Progress 

• Academic Achievement in Reading/English language arts 

• Academic Achievement in Mathematics

Of the approximately 3,600 campuses across Texas that achieved the "Met Standard" rating under the state’s new accountability system and earned at least one designation, 759 schools earned designations in all three potential areas. Among those were the following area campuses:

• Beaumont ISD: Marshall Middle School, Curtis Elementary School, Fletcher Elementary School, Homer Elementary School

• Harmony Science Academy: Harmony Science Academy – Beaumont

• Nederland ISD: Hillcrest Elementary School, Langham Elementary School

To view the 2013 state accountability ratings for districts, charters and campuses, visit the Texas Education Agency website at http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/account/2013/index.html.