TEA releases figures on BISD telephone town hall

TEA releases figures on BISD telephone town hall

In a press release, Texas Education Agency Director of Communications Gene Acuña attempted to “provide some perspective” regarding the tele-town hall meeting Thursday, April 10, April 10. The stated goal of the telephone-based town hall was to hear specifically from community members about issues surrounding the Beaumont Independent School District.

The release included the following statistics.

• Total number of callers (over the course of the 90-minute conference call): 876

• Peak number of callers at one specific time during the town hall: 586

• Average length of time callers stayed on the line to listen/participate: 58 minutes

• Number of callers who visited directly with the Commissioner: 38

Following a recent investigation into the district, TEA staff recommended to the commissioner the appointment of a board of managers and the lowering of the Beaumont ISD accreditation. The telephone-based town hall meeting was designed to allow Commissioner Michael Williams to hear from members of the Beaumont community before he announces his final decision on any action against the district.

According to the press release, TEA Commissioner Williams has reserved all of this week to gather community input and would make no further announcement Friday, April 11.

The commissioner has indicated his decision will come soon, but has set no specific deadline.