Technology center to be first new building at St. Anthony in 20 years

Technology center to be first new building at St. Anthony in 20 years

St. Anthony Cathedral School broke ground on a new technology center Thursday, Dec. 8, near the school playground.

“The new technology facility is being built with a generous gift from Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rozas, longtime supporters of St. Anthony’s school, located in the heart of downtown Beaumont,” said Geneva Dixon-Peters, director of development for the school, in a release.

The technology building will replace three temporary buildings that a local construction company donated to the school back in the ’80s, she added.

“We’ve always spent our money on things for the children that were more academic,” Dixon-Peters said. “The computer lab is considered more of an elective class; we just never had the funding to build a new building.”

The three temporary buildings house two computer labs, a large lab teaching elective courses in computer skills, and a small lab for remediation and acceleration. The remediation uses programs like Success Maker, focusing on improving children’s reading and math skills to bring them up to their grade level. The acceleration programs challenge children who are ahead of the skills that their class is working on.

The elective course teaches students keyboarding and how to use PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets. “Often our students place out of computer classes at West Brook and Kelly,” Dixon-Peters said.

The new building is projected to be about 2,000 square feet and will be the first new building on the campus in 20 years, according to Dixon-Peters. The labs will be rearranged in the new facility. The administration plans to use a removable divider in the space and store all laptops in a charging cart so that the lab room can also be used as a multi-purpose room for small conferences and meetings.

Bishop Curtis Guillory spoke at the ceremony and blessed the site.

“We obviously want you to have a good education but also good moral values by which to live,” Guillory said. “God always works though other people and I want you to join me in thanking Mr. and Mrs. Rozas for their generosity. It is because of them that this technology building is going to go up, and that’s because they’re giving back, they realized how much God has blessed them.”

Guillory also referenced the holiday season and having a spirit of generosity during his address. “Christmas is about giving, and we give gifts in order to remind us of the great gift that God has given us. And who is the gift that God has given us?”

“Jesus,” the children answered.