Teen shoplifting suspect brings drugs to jail, reports officer

Teen shoplifting suspect brings drugs to jail, reports officer

Police are charging a teen accused of shoplifting at Vidor Walmart on April 17 with criminal mischief for destroying store property and with multiple drug charges, including bringing a prohibited substance into a correctional facility, reports Sgt. Lee Brading. 

According to Brading's report pertaining to the incident, police were dispatched to Walmart on Main Street at about 9 a.m. in reference to a man cutting open boxes at the store. Loss prevention staff described the suspect as dressed in black and riding a mobility scooter. 

Brading quickly spotted the suspect, identified as 19-year-old Shane Allen Lewis of Magnolia. The officer approached Lewis, who reportedly "became defensive, complaining that he was being harassed due to his appearance." When he reached in his back pocket to retrieve his ID, Lewis stood up from the scooter, Brading stated in his report.

"It was obvious he did not medically need the scooter," wrote the officer. 

After establishing the suspect's identity, Brading asked Lewis about the knife reported stolen by Walmart staff. Lewis allegedly removed a box cutter from his right shorts pocket and said he intended to pay for the blade. The officer then asked Lewis to empty his pockets, and Lewis laid out the contents onto the mobility scooter. Brading reported that when Lewis emptied his pockets, he "palmed" something. Upon closer investigation, the officer determined it was a "blunt," or marijuana-filled cigar.

"I also noticed Shane did not completely empty the pockets of his pockets," Brading stated. 

The officer then performed a pat-down and found a small, zippered bag containing a small amount of a white, crystalline substance belived to be methamphetamine. 

"When Shane saw I had found the bag," Brading wrote, "he immediately stated the 'meth belongs to my grandpa.'"

Further searching of the suspect's person revealed even more drugs, stated the officer, namely prescription Xanax inside a pill bottle with a morphine sulphate label on it under someone else's name. Lewis said those too were grandpa's, reported Brading. The bottle also contained four unidentified white pills. 

Brading placed Lewis under arrest for criminal mischief rather than shoplifting, since he allegedly just cut open the merchandise and had not left the store with it, possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of a controlled substance. On their way to the jail, Brading asked Lewis if he had any other drugs to which he answered,  "no." But, according to the police report, that turned out not to be true. During a strip search at the correctional facility, the jailer found Xanax in Lewis's underwear. He told the officers he was keeping it there to bring into the jail so he could take the drugs to "prevent seizures." His excuse failed to garner leniency from the officers. He was additionally charged with possessing a prohibited substance in a correctional facility.