Termination and resignation at VISD

Termination and resignation at VISD

The Vidor Independent School District board of trustees is set to act on the previously approved termination of former elementary school educator Sondra Reed and on the resignation of her husband, former VISD Junior High teacher Chad Reed, at their regular meeting on Thursday, March 27, at 6 p.m. If approved, the actions proposed on the board agenda would effectively end the battle between the Reeds and VISD pertaining to the couple’s termination, but would not preclude criminal prosecution of one or both of them.

Accusations of inappropriate conduct with students were leveled against the Reeds after an anonymous letter sparked an investigation into allegations contained in the correspondence. The Reeds were both suspended in December 2013, and on Jan. 20, VISD board trustees approved their termination.

According to sources close to the case, the Reeds have withdrawn their termination appeals with the Texas Education Agency, which led to an agreement with Chad Reed, who will apparently be allowed to resign from VISD. Agenda items pertaining to the Reeds say, “Consider and act on proposed termination of professional term contract for Sondra Reed,” and “Consider and act on resignation of Chad Reed and approval of release and settlement agreement.”

VISD Attorney Sarah Leon said no documents pertaining to the case could be released at this time, and said the criminal investigation is still pending.

“That (criminal prosecution) is going to happen,” Leon said.

As revealed in an article two weeks ago, The Examiner’s investigation uncovered documentation, including witness statements and other evidence, of the accusations made against the educators pertaining to their dismissal from VISD. According to information submitted to investigating agencies including the TEA, Child Protective Services, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, the VISD administration and VISD Police, Chad Reed’s “inappropriate conduct” primarily pertained to accusations of providing alcohol to minors and of having knowledge of other alleged illicit activities afoot within his household. To summarize the allegations against Sondra Reed, the former Vidor teacher is not only accused of illegally plying teenagers with alcohol, but also of engaging in sexual acts with underage students.

Information provided to the investigating agencies includes evidence that at least two young men admitted they had sexual relations with Sondra Reed while she was employed with VISD and while they were both minors. In interviews, involved parties speculate up to 12 boys could be “on the list” of those who had sexual relations with the accused pedophile. One of the boys was reportedly 14 years old, and another was 16 years old. At the time the affairs began, according to evidence presented to investigators, the boys were both students. In addition, not previously revealed, Sondra Reed is also accused of touching the genitals of an 18-year-old boy “without his consent.”

Orange County District Attorney John Kimbrough said the case “needs work” before he will present it to a grand jury for indictment, but he previously said he does expect criminal charges to be filed against one or both of the Reeds sometime in the future.



2009 Graduate VHS

It's very sad how many underage boys have been taken advantage of. Being the a "cool kid" to a "nice/popular teacher" is a pretty big deal in High School. Looking back on it && knowing myself that these things were going on but being too young to realise that this is no different than every other student/teacher case thats on the news that disgusts everyone & illegal, shows how innocent & niave teenagers are. Im very suprised that this has not been reported sooner. Justice will be served & I sure hope everyone that knows anything about things shes done in the past and present write a statement. People like this need to be off the streets. YES she was a nice teacher like ive seen many post on various sites but it does not change the fact that she was sleeping with NUMEROUSSSSSSSS little boys. Just to name a few [X - redacted - X] & for gods sake her daughters boyfriend ! SICK SICK SICK Ive known of these things since about 2005-2006 no telling how long this has been going on.

Shows your ignorance naming

Shows your ignorance naming names on here. Then signing anonymous. Ballsy of you. You sound like a real reliable source.


The reeds were very strict on students and yet they are bein blamed for giving students alcohol, and having sex with the male students! I had mrs reed as a teacher when I was in school and believe me when I tell you this that women was absolutely gorgeous, and everyone seen the male students paying a lot of attention to her but that was mostly because they were friends with her son! If I knew a students parent you bet I was paying more attention in their class not because I was sleeping with them but because I knew them out side of school! Now on to the students saying they slept with her I mean come on, they know that they are getting in trouble for something an want to be center of attention! That's just pure stupidity!! If it weren't for mrs reed I'm not sure where I'd be today, I had a child when I was 16 and she helped me keep my head up and worked extra hard with me on my school work, she wasn't like my other teachers that didn't give a damn! Because of that woman I stayed in school as a single mother and graduated and it just makes me mad that people want to say she's a bad person and she did all these awful things when all reality they have nothing better to do with their lives and are always out to ruin somebody else's this just takes a whole new meaning on high school drama


She was a nice lady but she was also a sick woman who had intercourse with many kids, some of which many of us know personally, and it's verified and have been known for 4 years now she's been doing that. A person named [X - redacted - X] has been having sex with her for 5 years or so now. Making him even underage when it started, they've been caught red handed doing it by family.

She slept with multiple

She slept with multiple students thats been happening for years

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