Texans to vote on state water fund Nov. 5

Texans to vote on state water fund Nov. 5

Voters will notice Proposition 6 on their Nov. 5 Joint Election ballots and will have the option of voting “Yes” or “No.”

If approved by voters statewide, Proposition 6 would create a State Water Implementation Fund using $2 billion from Texas’ rainy-day account. The money would be made available for projects identified in the state’s water plan, which is administered by the Texas Water Development Board with input from local leaders in each region of the state.

“Prop. 6 gives us the unique opportunity to address a critical need while saving billions in taxpayer dollars,” said Jim Rich, president of the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.

The population of Texas is projected to grow by 82 percent by 2060, placing greater need and importance of adequate water, according to a Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce press release.

“Unless the state of Texas implements its State Water plan by 2060, 50 percent of Texans will lack an adequate supply of water during times of drought,” the press release states. “Water shortages during drought conditions cost Texas business and workers billions in lost income and losses will grow $116 billion annually by 2060 without implementation of the State Water plan.”

The measure is supported by a host of local and state officials and chambers of commerce members. Opponents, reportedly made up primarily of libertarians, property rights activists and tea party supporters, argue that Prop. 6 addresses an urgent financial problem that does not exist and would move water from rural areas to urban growth corridors.