Threat puts high school campus on high alert

Threat puts high school campus on high alert

Shortly before 2 p.m., on Thursday, December 8, parents of Beaumont Independent School District West Brook High School students were sent a message that, “In response to an incident that occurred off campus and after hours, West Brook Administrators, with the assistance of Beaumont ISD Police Department, implemented enhanced security precautions today.  This was done out of an abundance of caution and at no time was there an active threat to the campus. 

“These measures will be continued throughout the end of the week and we will reevaluate to consider extending them into next week if a credible threat exists.”

BISD assistant superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen said the incident that sparked enhanced security at the high school campus occurred the night before with one student being threatened on social media.

“We take it seriously,” Allen said. “We do what we normally do – our standard procedure.”

Allen said the standard procedure is to alert parents, students, teachers and staff; add to security personnel on site; and monitor for signs to determine whether the threat is credible or just a threat.

“We didn’t lock the school down,” Allen said. “We had a regular school day. No one made a threat against the students as a whole or campus… so we really have the threat narrowed to one student, and we are monitoring that very closely.”

Allen said that after-school activities will proceed as planned, but enhanced security will be in effect for as long as there is still a perceived threat to any West Brook student.

“We’ll do what we feel is necessary to ensure student safety,” she said.