Traffic stop leads to arrest in Orange

Traffic stop leads to arrest in Orange

Police in Orange arrested one man on Dec. 14 after a traffic stop at approximately 7:52 p.m. led them to the discovery of what they believe to be crack cocaine inside the man’s vehicle.

According to a police report from OPD, officers arrested 32-year-old Vages Lamar Degay of Orange for possession of a controlled substance. Officers reported the man began acting suspiciously immediately upon being stopped for failing to maintain a single lane while driving. Degay reportedly made statements such as “there aren’t no drugs in here” and “I swear to God there isn’t anything in here.” The reporting officer also indicated he observed a white, powdered substance around the bottom of Degay’s nose, which the man subsequently denied, and observed Degay to be moving nervously. He asked Degay to exit the vehicle and patted him down. He placed the suspect into handcuffs at that time. Degay continued to deny there were drugs in his vehicle, according to the police.

A second officer conducted a search of the suspect’s vehicle while the first detained Degay. Upon searching the vehicle, the officer reportedly discovered three off-white, rocklike nuggets, a substance the officers believed to be crack cocaine, hidden under the car’s visor. 

Degay was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail.