Traffic stop leads to two arrests in Orange

Traffic stop leads to two arrests in Orange

Police in Orange arrested two men after a traffic stop led them to discover synthetic marijuana and PCP in the men's possession, according to a report from the Orange Police Department.

According to the report, OPD Officer Michael Roush conducted a traffic stop at approximately 2:47 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 31 after seeing passengers in a red Ford Ranger who were not using seat belts at the intersection of 14th Street and Burton Avenue in Orange. Roush reported he could clearly see the passengers were not secured and when he initiated the traffic stop, he noted the driver was also not wearing a seat belt. According to Roush, the driver of the vehicle did not immediately stop and continued slowly rolling forward toward John Street and then turning on to 11th Street. In Roush's report, he noted that suspects often "slow roll" when they are attempting to quickly hide or destroy "any type of weapons, drugs or paraphernalia."

Roush described two of the vehicle's three occupants as "shaking and nervous," and one passenger identified as 28-year-old Kent Pierce of Bridge City, asked if he could get out of the vehicle. The officer asked Pierce to remain in the vehicle and spoke with the driver. The driver consented to a search of the truck. As Roush was speaking with the driver, another officer reportedly  allowed Pierce to exit the vehicle. The officer then pinned Pierce against the truck, ordering him not to move. After searching the man, police discovered a syringe, "2XX Klimax" synthetic marijuana and brass knuckles, a prohibited weapon. Pierce was placed under arrest.

Roush then reported making contact with the second passenger, identified as 41-year-old Desmond Burnett of Orange. According to Roush, Burnett's eyes were red and watery, and his speech was slow and slurred. Roush reported the suspect was not able to answer simple questions, such as his date of birth, location and with whom he was riding, and when asked to step out of the vehicle, the man was off-balance. Roush determined Burnett was intoxicated on some unknown substance, and placed him into custody for public intoxication. Both Burnett and Pierce were taken to the Orange County Correctional Facility. Upon a search of Burnett, police discovered what they believe to be PCP.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.