Traffic stop leads to two arrests in Orange

Kenneth Lee Roberts

Orange police officers arrested two people after a traffic stop led to the discovery of methamphetamine and marijuana inside a vehicle on Nov. 4.

Orange Police Department Officer Stephen Ward reports he was patrolling the area of 16th Street and Sunset Avenue on Nov. 4 at about 2 a.m. when he observed a four-door Chevrolet passenger car with a defective right rear tail light. He stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver, identified as Lisa Kaye Musgrave of Vinton, La. According to Ward, Musgrave seemed "extremely nervous" and when asked if she was aware of anything illegal in the vehicle responded that there shouldn't be. She consented to a search of the vehicle, Ward reports.

According to Ward, the male passenger identified himself as Kenneth Lee Roberts. Roberts reportedly told Ward he did not know of anything illegal inside the vehicle but confessed he had smoked marijuana earlier in the day.

As officers searched the vehicle, Ward reports, they discovered a clear plastic bag holding a crystal-like substance inside a cigarette pack between the seats of the car within reach of both Musgrave and Roberts. Neither the driver or passenger claimed ownership of the bag. Officers also discovered a "blunt," or marijuana-filled cigar, also within reach of both parties. Roberts told police the blunt belonged to him.

Both Musgrave and Roberts were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, and Roberts was also charged with possession of marijuana. Both were taken to the Orange County Jail. Once inside, jail staff searching Roberts reportedly discovered a meth pipe in his underwear.