Two arrested for capital murder one year later

Terry Euglon and Terry Frazier


Just a few days shy of the one-year anniversary of his death, the family of Aaron Leffage could soon find justice after two suspects were arrested in the capital murder Tuesday, July 2.

Police identified the suspects as Terry Frazier, 28, of Beaumont and Terry James Euglon, 23, of Beaumont and said they’d always suspected the two of the murder but didn’t have enough evidence to charge them until now.

Both are charged with severely beating Leffage, who was left at Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth by two friends where he later died of severe blunt force trauma  to the head July 5, 2012.

Police said the murder happened July 3, 2012, in the 5200 block of Wilshire Street in Beaumont’s North End and evidence, including crime lab data, phone records, and witness statements, connect Frazier and Euglon to the crime.

“I was pretty confident early on in the investigation they were involved, it just took us a while to get the evidence we needed to get warrants for their arrest,” said Detective Aaron Lewallen.

He went on to say the year-long investigation was a team effort.

“It’s not always about the first 48,” he said.

Lewallen would not comment on whether police had a murder weapon or whether Frazier and Euglon were friends with Leffage, only that the two had connections to Leffage’s home, possibly through drugs.

Leffage has at least one possession of a controlled substance charge, according to a criminal background search.

“This was a long and intense investigation, just a massive example of teamwork,” said Lewallen, who added Frazier and Euglon are charged with capital murder for committing another felony after allegedly killing Leffage.

“There were some items that were taken,” Lewallen said. “He was murdered in the process of that robbery, so that’s what elevates it to capital murder.”

Lewallen said both Frazier and Euglon are responsible for Leffage’s death.

“Their both equally culpable,” he said.

Euglon and Frazier’s bonds are set at $1 million each.