Two arrested for possession in Orange

Two arrested for possession in Orange

Two people were arrested after police discovered methamphetamine and marijuana while investigating a report of an intoxicated female at HEB on 16th Street in Orange, Orange Police Department reports.

According to a report from OPD, officers were dispatched to the store at about 8:16 p.m. on Sunday, April 27. Upon arrival, they made contact with a female in a silver car on the south side of the parking lot matching the description of the intoxicated person as reported by the caller. She identified herself as 30-year-old Sabrina Adele Smith of Orange. According to police, Smith was "talking rapidly" and appeared "jittery" as though she was "tweaking," defined by The Urban Dictionary as a "frantic and compulsive behavior often associated with methamphetamine abuse."

Smith reportedly gave police consent to search the vehicle, a 2007 Pontiac 4-door. Upon searching the car, police say they discovered a small, clear plastic container holding three small baggies. One of the baggies allegedly contained an off-white, crystal-like substance believed by police to be methamphetamine. They also reportedly found a baggie containing a hand-rolled cigarette and green leafy substance identified by officers as marijuana. While searching the truck of the car, officers found several bags of clothing and multliple syringes. One of three syringes discovered inside a jewelry box in one of the bags contained a brown, liquid substance, like meth, police report. All in all, in addition to the filled syringe, officers reportedly recovered 21 empty syringes from the car's trunk.

Smith was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and for possession of marijuana, and her passenger, 29-year-old Cody Breaux of Orange, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.