Two multi-car pileups on 69 in Hardin County

Two multi-car pileups on 69 in Hardin County

At approximately 4:00p.m., the Texas Department of Public Safety responded to a multiple vehicle crash on US 69, near Cooks Lake Road, in Hardin County, Texas DPS PIO Stephanie Davis reported at 7:33 p.m.

In the first crash, a Chevrolet pickup truck was traveling northbound on US 69 followed by a Honda Pilot. Both the Chevrolet and Honda slowed down for stopped traffic. As the Honda slowed down, it was rear-ended by a Ford Fusion causing the Honda to rear-end the Chevrolet pickup truck.

There were no injuries in this crash.

In the second crash, an unknown vehicle was traveling northbound on US 69 and then stopped as a result of the first crash. An Acura and a Ford pickup truck also stopped due to the first crash. A Ford Expedition failed to control speed and rear-ended the Ford pickup truck causing it to collide with the Acura. As the Ford Expedition struck the Ford pickup truck, it was struck from behind by a Chevrolet pickup truck.

The driver of the Acura, 64-year-old Larry Norven of Vidor, was transported to Victory Medical Center with minor injuries.

There were no other injuries in the second crash.

All northbound lanes were closed for about 30 minutes, but have since reopened.

- Texas DPS