Two wanted in Lake Charles restaurant burglary

Two wanted in Lake Charles restaurant burglary

Update:  On May 17 at about 11 a.m., Tiffany Wiggins was arrested in Lake Charles by the Lake Charles Police Department’s Sgt. Jeff Morgan without incident.

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Due to an overwhelming response from the public and after speaking with an eyewitness from the simple burglary and theft that occurred at Cancun Mexican restaurant on May 7, Detective Jeff Keenum has acquired simple burglary and theft warrants for Aaron “Cookie” Cook, 36, of Lake Charles, and for Tiffany Wiggins, 32, of Sulphur, Lake Charles Deputy Police Chief Mark Kraus said in a release on May 16.

In addition to the simple burglary and theft warrant for this offense, Ms. Wiggins also has an outstanding warrant, for a separate case, through Probation and Parole.

Judge Clayton Davis signed both warrants and issued a bond of $3,500 for each suspect. 

On May 16, at about 1:30 p.m., Aaron Cook was arrested in Lafayette by the Lafayette Sheriff’s office without incident, Kraus said in another release. 

- Lake Charles Police Department

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