Two women assaulted in Vidor robbery

Two women assaulted in Vidor robbery

Two women working at a bridal shop in Vidor were assaulted Wednesday evening, March 12, at about 5:49 p.m. when two men entered the business, attacked the women and stole jewelry before one of the women was able to escape and call for help.

According to Vidor Police Department Detective Chris Pearson, officers responded to Cindy's Bridal & Formal shop in the 900 block of Main Street within minutes of the call, but the two men had already fled the scene. Pearson said the victims reported a black male, approximately 5 foot 9 and weighing about 225 pounds, and a blonde white male, approximately 5 foot 11 and weighing about 180 pounds with tattoos on both arms and a tattoo that appeared to be writing, possibly a name, on his neck, entered the store shortly before closing time. Both women sustained minor injuries in the altercation, VPD reports, after one was struck by an assailant and the other was placed in a "choke hold." After a struggle, one of the female employees of the business was able to escape and call for help from a nearby store. The suspects stole an unknown amount of jewelry from the bridal shop before fleeing in a large light silver or white four-door passenger car.

Pearson said VPD is investigating the crime and searching for the suspects. They have already received several tips, and Pearson said, reports have been received that the two men had been "hanging around" in the area prior to the robbery.

Pearson, a veteran officer who spent years working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, said Vidor rarely sees this type of crime.

"This isn't a crime that is usually associated with a small town," said the detective.

Anyone with information on the suspects or regarding the crime should call the Vidor Police Department at (409) 769-4561.



crime in vidor

why is there so much more crime in Vidor now, I am so tired of it, selling beer was a very stupid idea, it just invites more crimes can't anyone see that. I am so mad and now I don't want black people coming to Vidor anymore if all they want to do is hurt innocent people hear in Vidor.

crime in vidor

Did you gloss over the fact that one of the suspects was white?...or is his participation in this crime irrelevant since he was with a black guy? By the way, it's "here"... not "hear."

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