UPDATE 2: Natural gas leak in Orange County

UPDATE 2: Natural gas leak in Orange County

Workers are still attempting to plug a natural gas leak in Orange County that reportedly resulted from a drilling operation at an oil well on Gulf Road near FM 408 in the Orangefield area of Orange County on Wednesday, June 25.

A press release from the Orange County Sheriff's Office reads, "There is no significant change from the previous update this morning.  Most of today consisted of the workers getting equipment and tools in place to repair the gas leak.  Repair work on the leak is stopped at dark, and will resume during daylight hours on Friday.  This is due to the dangers involved in working in the dark without significant light sources. 

"A few of the residents who live on Gulf Road and Scales Lane have been escorted to their homes by officials who have detector equipment in order to allow them to retrieve certain necessities.  Residents of Gulf Road and Scales Lane who have been displaced can speak with company officials located at the white tent on Gulf Road near FM 408 for assistance or any questions or concerns.     

"Representatives of the companies involved in the repair work have said that this leak may take several more days to complete, which means it could go into the weekend."

According to OCSO Chief Deputy Clint Hodgkinson, an oil company drilling at the location hit a pocket of natural gas, which spread across the oil field and settled near ground level.

Hodgkinson said during the day, firefighters and oil company personnel are working to keep area residents safe and combat the leak. Firefighters are hosing down the ground around the leak site and hosing themselves down as well, says Hodgkinson, in an effort to prevent sparks that could ignite the lingering gas fumes.