UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: TEA recommends BISD takeover

TEA Commissioner Michael Williams (studiosuzelle.blogspot.com photo)

UPDATE: Jefferson County District Attorney Cory Crenshaw responds to the TEA announcement of a takeover recommendation.

"We would like to take this opportunity to let the community know that now is the time for those who have knowledge of wrongdoing at the school district and wrongdoing themselves to come forward," Crenshaw stated. "We are asking that all individuals with knowledge of criminal activity at BISD to meet with us, tell the truth, and agree to cooperate. 

"Change within this school district is imminent, and this opportunity will hopefully allow for swift justice."

The Task Force assigned to the BISD investigation from the DA's office can be reached at (409) 926-9830.


The Examiner spoke to state Rep. Joe Deshotel, who said he received a text from Commissioner Michael Williams of the Texas Education Agency on Tuesday, April 1, that TEA investigators recommended a takeover of the Beaumont Independent School District.

Commissioner Williams will be in Beaumont on Thursday, April 3, to meet with the Board of Trustees and the superintendent to allow them to make a case as to why he should not take his staff's recommendations.

Desohotel said it was clear from the commissioner that he had not made a final decision yet but would on Thursday after his meeting.


TEA Final Investigative Report PDF now available below. Click the attachment to read now.