Update on courthouse shooting victim

Update on courthouse shooting victim

FROM THE BEAUMONT POLICE DEPARTMENT - On Wednesday, March 14, Samantha Jackson was shot and run over by her father in the Jefferson County Courthouse Parking Lot. Minnie Ray Sebolt was killed during the shooting and two others were shot but were treated and released.

Jackson was critically injured but has continued to fight to stay alive and recover.

Samantha's family would like to thank everyone for all of the prayers and support. Sam is a fighter and has defied the odds. Sam is in stable condition and for her birthday (Friday, April 13) she was able to have her feeding tube taken out and took some bites of real food. She is alert and tries her best to communicate but still has a tube in her trachea and can't talk yet. Sam manages to keep smiling looks forward to participating in her church's praise team again.

An account has been set up with Chase (Account Number # 449632178) to help with the expenses. Sam has moments when she is still in fear for her life and her mother tries hard to be at the hospital for as many visits as possible. Sam has siblings so her mother has to travel back and forth (out of town) and it has taken a toll on their finances. ANY financial donation is much appreciated.