UPDATE! Horrific and heartless

UPDATE! Horrific and heartless

The search for a lost cat named Jack in the city of Port Arthur led to the discovery of inhumane practices and mistreatment of animals by employees of the animal control department there, an investigation by The Examiner has found.

When Fran Christian realized her 13-year-old cat, Jack, had somehow escaped her apartment July 1, she immediately began a door-to-door search for her beloved pet. In addition to speaking with her neighbors, she contacted the Port Arthur Animal Control to see if they might have captured her feline friend, but she was given a resounding “No” by employees there. But as the search for Jack continued, she learned animal control had indeed picked up her cat after it ran inside another person’s home it likely thought to be its own.

Christian said when she spoke with that homeowner, she was told an animal control officer attempted six times to sedate her cat with a dart but kept missing. When he finally hit Jack in the paw, the animal went down and he put it in his truck and left.

Having heard that story, Christian went to animal control and asked about Jack and was told the department had not captured her cat. But she knew that wasn’t true and dialed a phone number the woman said she called when Jack ran inside her home. That’s when the phone rang inside the building. Christian said an animal control officer finally confirmed her cat was captured but the animal had escaped as the officer was trying to get it out of his truck.

“How can a sedated animal escape?” Christian asked. “It makes no sense but they tell me that my cat is ‘at-large’ like he is a criminal or something.”

Christian said she contacted Mayor Bobbie Prince’s office, which directed her to Lawrence Baker, the director of Port Arthur’s Community Services Department, who oversees animal control. She said Baker was rude to her but said he would find out about her cat – and he told her the same story she received from animal control – Jack was at-large.

So, every night since Jack allegedly broke out of the pound, Christian and her sister have walked the streets of downtown Port Arthur calling for Jack in hopes that he will come out from where he is supposedly hiding.

She said she had been to the shelter many times and each time she noticed a foul odor from the area where the animal control trucks were parked behind the building, but she thought the department might be using dead fish to trap cats and other animals.

On Tuesday, July 12, at about 9:45 p.m., Christian said the gate was unlocked so she and her sister went inside the fenced-in area behind the building. She said she didn’t find Jack but what she discovered was gruesome and disturbing. Since she had already contacted The Examiner seeking help in dealing with animal control, she called the reporter and asked what to do.

“I couldn’t look at it,” Christian said. “It made me sick to my stomach.”

When the reporter arrived about 30 minutes later, he was immediately overcome with the stench of rotting animals. Christian and her sister directed him to a dark blue pickup truck parked near a wooden fence that was the source of the odor. When he looked in the bed of the truck, he observed the skeletal remains of at least four cats, two dogs and other animals that were covered in maggots and flies. As he walked around the truck, he could also see where the bodily fluids of the animals were leaking through the rusty truck bed and dripping onto the ground.

Since the group was inside the fenced area, they looked around and also found at least six small cats and a dog locked in cages without food or water that were crying out. One of the kittens had been put into the cage with an extension cord wrapped around its neck. And in the bed of another truck, they found a live raccoon that had been caught in a trap and placed next to a caged baby kitten no more than a few weeks old. Neither of those animals had been provided food or water and both were less than 10 feet from the pile of dead, rotting animal carcasses in the other truck.

At that point, the reporter went to the Port Arthur Police Department and spoke Sgt. S.L. Davis asking him to check on the animals that were still alive. When Davis arrived at animal control, he appeared shocked at what he saw and said the animals were being treated cruelly. He contacted police dispatchers and asked them to contact Baker.Before leaving, Davis told the newspaper that Baker was sending his senior animal control officer – Ervin Thomas – to the scene in order to take care of the problem.The Examiner obtained a copy of a memorandum Sgt. Davis wrote early Wednesday morning to PAPD Major Raymond Clark, which states, “I advised him (Baker) that someone would need to come out and at least take care of the live animals tonight as it was cruel for them to be left in that type of state.”

When Thomas arrived at the animal control office, the reporter began asking him questions about how more than a half-dozen cats and a dog could be left without food or water or how the baby kitten and the raccoon could be locked in the bed of a pickup truck.

His reply was the animals in the cages were “animals that people come and drop off when we aren’t here.”

But the next day Baker told the newspaper the gate is supposed to be locked, which would prevent such a practice. He told the newspaper he was upset because he wasn’t aware the department hadn’t replaced a $5 lock that was broken. But somehow Thomas found a working lock when he chained the gate closed to keep the reporter out of the fenced area.

Thomas continued explaining that the animals were put into the cages by people who didn’t want them and they had done so by entering the fenced area, opening the cages and putting the animals inside all between the time officers left for the day at 5 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. when Christian and her sister contacted the newspaper.“Exactly; they can drop off animals at any time,” he said. “Hey, we come here all the time and we may have (sic) full, full of stuff.”

At that point the reporter asked if a video camera pointing toward the back fence was functioning and Thomas said it was; however, the reporter was later told by Baker the camera system “hadn’t worked in some time.”

When asked about the dead animals in the truck, Thomas said, “That is our landfill truck. The animals that we euthanize, they go to the landfill.”

But Thomas changed his story when asked why the animals were just left to rot in the truck.

“Those animals are already dead,” he said. “These are animals we picked up dead off the road. That is the landfill truck. We air that truck up (the truck had a flat tire) every time we get ready to move it.”

He didn’t have an answer when asked about another animal carcass that was found rotting in an alcove area next to the rear door of the animal control building. That animal had obviously been there for a while as the concrete was stained from where the animal had decayed.

At that point, Thomas accused the reporter, who was standing in the alley behind the facility, of trespassing and he called the police.

“You know you are trespassing,” he said. “You don’t have anything. It don’t mean nothing, whatever you are trying to do.”

A short time later, Sgt. Davis returned to the facility and told Thomas there was nothing he could do to stop the reporter from taking photos because no laws were being broken. He also indicated the same in his memo to Odom.

“I was called back over by Mr. Thomas who was upset that (the reporter) was taking pictures,” Davis wrote. “I explained to Thomas that as long as (he) did not interfere with him doing his job, there was nothing I could do about (him) taking pictures. I left the scene. I just wanted to advise you of this, as I am sure it will be in The Examiner next week.”

It took Thomas more than 20 minutes to stop talking on his cell phone before he gave food and water to the animals in the cages. An hour later, he finally did the same for the caged kitten in the pickup, but he did so only after he positioned the truck so the reporter couldn’t get a photo of him putting a cord around its neck and dragging it out.Thomas is no stranger to controversy or to The Examiner. In February 2008, the newspaper exposed how he used a .22 caliber rifle to kill what he said was a viscous 13-inch tall dachshund. That incident led to a policy change regarding the use of firearms by animal control officers.

After hearing the chain of events and being shown a number of photos, Baker said he was extremely concerned. He promised a “full investigation” and that he would get to the bottom of the matter.

“First, I would like to thank you for bringing this issue to my attention,” he said. “We are concerned that all of the animals are taken care of properly. That is why last night when I got the call, I am very upset that the gate was open and that based on the information that was given to me that things weren’t done properly. We are looking into that matter to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. He said the lock they were using was broken and they hadn’t replaced it. I have addressed that and we are in the process of getting a lock so that won’t be the case anymore.

“I am trying to find out where the animals came from and how they got there. Once I get that information, I will have a better feel for what happened, how it happened and we will put whatever precautions or safeguards in to avoid that from happening in the future.”

Baker said proper protocol is that animals are to be placed in bags and put into a freezer until they are transported to the landfill. But he said he was told the freezer was too full to hold the large yellow Labrador that was seen decaying in the back of the pickup. However, a photo taken that evening shows the freezer contained only a couple of animals and would have easily contained the Labrador and the other animal remains.

“Usually we freeze them overnight and bring them to the landfill, but yesterday the landfill was closed because of the rain,” Baker said. It was not immediately known if the landfill was closed on Tuesday.

Port Arthur City Manager Steve Fitzgibbons said there was no excuse for the animals being treated the way they were. He said the supervisor who works at the animal control office has been out since Friday, and he wants to know if she was aware of the conditions.

“Why would they leave dead animals on that truck for very long? Just the stench would be terrible,” he said. “I don’t have all the information at this time. We have a lot to look at but in any event this should not have been the case. We need to find out what we can find out regardless of whether it was before she (the supervisor) was out on Friday. It shouldn’t have happened but it would be interesting to see how long these practices and procedures have been happening.

“That is a serious, serious issue. The animals that are dead are dead, but when it comes to those that are alive, they need to be treated in a humane manner.”

The situation also struck a nerve with a Port Arthur City Councilmember, who reached out to the newspaper after hearing about the conditions at the animal control department.

“It isn’t right, and we are going to make sure it is addressed,” said Councilman John Beard. “I will not tolerate this.”

Councilman Bob Williamson was also angry over the matter and sent the following e-mail around noon Wednesday.

“I wanted to personally thank you for investigating this incident and bringing your discovery to our attention,” he wrote. “You have obviously uncovered intolerable conditions and you rescued some animals from a terrible fate. I also extend my thanks to that person who alerted you. This news is indeed troubling. I intend to be certain that we identify all those who are responsible for this and hold them accountable. I also intend to be certain that we pursue a permanent remedy with all speed.”

Christian said she feels some comfort knowing the city appears to be taking the issue seriously but she is still grieving over the loss of her pet. She said she doesn’t believe Jack escaped and fears animal control officers are lying to her about his fate. She said she is afraid her friend of 13-years was euthanized and throw in among the rotting corpses of other animals tossed in the back of the truck at animal control.




You just stated she was out of Town? (WRONG!)
That is completely false.
I am a neighbor of this young lady who is the owner of the cat Jack, and she was NOT out of town, I spoke with her personally, and saw her during the time the cat went missing, and she had her grand child visiting with her for over a week and throughout the weekend, When Her cat went missing she was frantic, despertly searching for it that very day. I personally witnessed her & her grand child walking the complex on several days, and going from door to door. I also saw her sister and her going from door to door on several days as well. They also walked and drove throughout the surrounding neighborhood as well. I think the missunderstanding here about this lady being out of town came from the fact that her sister did go out of town for a few days when the cat went missing. But she DID NOT. It was unfortunate that her cat got out, and was not found soon enough before this tragic thing happenend. I can attest that this woman has NEVER left out of town without bringing her cat with her. For over 6 years that I have lived here, and known this kind lady, I can swear that not once have I ever seen the cat outdoors roaming the complex or otherwise because it has been strickly indoors, and from what she stated it was also de-clawed. Its understandable how this ladys cat may have been let out by accident in the first place, for we have had contractors working in/out of our apartments for over 7 months now. The blame or focus here should not be her nor her missing cat anyway, because she is not responsible for the horrible conditions that took place at the Port Arthur Animal Center. Yes, its unfortunate that this lady discovered this, however she is not at fault nor responsible. It doesnt really matter WHO discovered the horrible conditions, what matters is it WAS discovered,and thats what is most important. Now it should be everyone's concern WHY has this been happening.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Miss Fran, I know for fact she loved her cat Jack so very much, and I pray that God will give her the peace & strength she so despertly needs right now to get through this sad situation. May God have his will in this whole situation.


How? would you know this???Are you physic?Do you work with CSI Headquarters???Well they admitted TO GETTING THE CAT RIGHT?? Yes... And what happened after that???Besides they are not following procedures or policies

She was very worried and

She was very worried and concern about her pet...I think alot of emotions or flowing and things or being taken out of context...I hope this issue can be resolved and jack is found. When you are upset things can be mixed and stirred so i hope this has helped everyone. I hope we can all resolve this as adults and not belittle and attack one another in such a negative mannar.

Thank You for posting the

Thank You for posting the truth!!!!!!

he tried to leash the cat***

he tried to leash the cat*** sorry about my errors


There will be a follow-up story next week in The Examiner but unfortunately for Fran we have not been able to locate Jack. At the present time, I am working on getting to the truth of what really happened to her beloved pet.

I live in the apartment

I live in the apartment complex that this woman lives in and she was out of town from what i hear and when she came back home her cat was gone...she left some food out and noticed that it was still there. The family that called the pound was terrified of the cat that was hiding in their closet. Lady stop with all the lies......she would have never took it to this extreme if she would have found her cat.

i live in the complex..lies, upon lies...

some people can be just so ingnorant. okay, let's just say you do live in the complex, and just say Jacks ownwer did leave out of town (even though we all know now she WAS NOT),its not an uncommon practice, alot of people go out of town and leave their pets with substantial food and water for a few days at a time, but this was clearly NOT the case. People TAKE NOTICE! That is beside the point and story here. what? if she was supposedly out of town, then who let the cat out in the first place? I guess Jack knew how to open and unlock the door with his paws right??,
As formentioned, The issue at hand here IS NOT about the missing Cat. This issue is ABOUT, AND ONLY ABOUT THE ACTIONS OF THE ANIMAL CONTROL of PA not doing their job properly, and if they have, then we wouldnt be even discussing this. Yes, the cat was frightened, and scared its understandable. But It wasnt Jack or this lady that went down to the Port Arthur Animal control and put a bunch of decaying rotting animals bodies in the back of a broken down truck bed to create a story or drama, and it wasnt this lady or her cat that didnt leave food or water for the poor starving animals. It wasnt this lady or her cat who went to work there on a daily basis and smelled the stinch of rotting flesh everyday and did nothing about it, it wasnt this lady or her cat who went to work everyday knowing there were decaying animal bodies just lying in the middle of floors left to decay into the cement and flooring. THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NO EXCUSE FOR THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!


Poster "SMH", I know I dont have to reply to your post, however, I felt that the readers should know the truth. I am a very honest person, and I dont understand why people will make up stories for no other reason at all other than to be mean and hateful. I know for sure you don't know me at all, and I'm positive that I don't know you nor do I want to. You say you live in the same apartment complex that I do, so if so why dont you just come out and say it. You know nothing about me or my life, Anything I say I can back up with solid proof and witnesses. I am a very quiet and reserved resident, and I only know a few people at the apartment complex in which I reside in, and only socialize and/or talk with certain neighbors that I completely trust. For the life of me I can not understand SMH why you feel the need to make up stories and lies about me or my family. "from what I hear, the lady was out of town" that is a TOTAL & COMPLETE LIE! I can proove what comes out of my mouth, so why cant you? I dont need to really explain anything to anyone especially to someone I dont even know. However I want to defend myself. I was never out of town, and you can ask any of my neighbors, and they would verify that. The few close neighbors that I do know and trust would tell anyone that if asked that when either myself or a neighbor goes out of town we notify each other. And any of my close neighbors would verify that they know my cat means so much to me, and I would never go anywhere for any length of time without him. Anytime I travel I Have ALWAYs brought him along. Now I dont bring him out to dinner with me....I have solid verifiable proof of my whearabouts when my beloved kitty went missing. Infact SMH since you seem to know so much about me, why dont you tell me when I was supposedly out of town, and left my kitty at home, For I sure would like to know. Maybe I have a twin, who knows? But, what I do know is I had company the whole week before and after my kitty went missing. I can proove that to anyone wanting or just dying to know. Its sad to me when people can just lie without blinking an eye. You know SMH your story is untrue. I dont even know anyone well enough that lives in my apartment complex that would even take notice or care what goes on with me or my life. If someone is watching me so closely that they know I supposedly left out of town and left my cat home alone, then please tell them to come forward. I want to meet them, also you might even tell them to get a life, if they have nothing better to do than watch me or other people come and go and who make false assumptions, My life is rather boring, so I dont see why anyone would be so interested in where I go, and where I went. I would never leave my kitty alone, unless I left to the grocery store, or to dinner, etc, I dont know why Im even wasting my time commenting to you. You know nothing about me, and if you think you know things about me that can be proven then why dont you just say so, or come right out and tell us what you know. yeah, Im so sure I told my stranger neighbors I left my cat at home while I went out of town and then when I came back he was gone, that wouldnt make any sense. Besides,I have other family members, so someone is always at my house, unless of course we are out to dinner or grocery shopping, in those cases we generally dont normally bring Jack along. Now about the family that was so frightened of my cat, well it wasnt a family per se, The person that did call A/C wasnt frightened of the cat, they were concerned for my cat, they knew he belonged to someone, because they could tell it was a beautiful healthy cat, I can even ask this kind person to back up my story If need be, however I dont feel its necessary. This kind person even went as far as to walk around the building to other neighbors asking if anyone knew who the cat belonged to, If they were so frightened by the cat they would not have cared rather the cat belonged to anyone or not, They would not have taken the time to search for its owner. Also once I met this kind person for the first time, I was told how Jack came to be at their house. the person cried because they felt sad that they had to call the A/C, as a last resort. But the only reason they did was that the son was allergic to cats. If this person was so frightened by Jack, then why would they take the time to show concern when he had to be sedated because he was scared, the person thought my cat was a female because he had a poochy stomach, and thought if the cat was pregnant that the sedation might hurt the babies, but the A/C officer told them, nope its a male. This is the story that the person that called the A/C told me personally. Why would they care about anything about this cat if they were so terribly frightened, It's just NOT so. I could get the caller to even make a post regarding this, however I dont feel I have to proove anything to you SMH, You know your story is completly false. If you have to make-up or create false stories about others to make yourself look like you know something, then your just as bad as those that treat poor defenseless animals with cruelty.
I can back up my stories, how 'bout you?


Well the truth is out n like

Well the truth is out n like I said I feel bad for you and the fact that you cant find your cat...But I live in the same complex as you and you were telling us that you were out of town. These men and woman of Animal Control should not lose their jobs behind this situation. They have kids and families to feed.

They certainly SHOULD lose

They certainly SHOULD lose their jobs over this! The issue is not who was out of town etc-the issue is the cruelty observed and documented by not only The Examiner but also the Port Arthur Police.


Hello Hummm,
You stated you live in my apartment complex, and you state I told you pesonally I was out of town? I think that is false informationor a misunderstanding of sorts. I was NOT and I repeat Not out of town, If I am to blame for anything, it is only for not finding my cat in time before he was taken to the shelter. My sister and grand baby were at home with me the week before and after Jack went missing. Since you say I spoke to you and was telling you I was out of towm, if that is true, could you please come by, and lets talk about this. I have never said I was out of town. Only thing I can think is that someone missunderstood me when I was telling them the story and looking for Jack, My sister who had been visiting me, left for couple of days over the 4th of July weekend, However I didnt, I had my grand baby visiting me from Houston. Had I been out of town, and Jack was left behind then, he would be way better off than he is now. But this never happened. I beg of you to come talk to me, so we can clear this up. Like I said before I dont know many of my neighbors, I am close with 2 in particular. They could verify that I was in town. I did go out to eat with my grandbaby & neice, and I have the reciepts to proove it, Jack was here before we left for my neice was playing with him. I also have the reciepts from when I went to Walmart. Please understand I did not request or bring charges against this Animal Shelter, I did not request anyone be laid off, I did not want anything other than to get my cat or at least find out what happened to him. When I went looking for answers, my only concern was my cat, Im sorry, but in this process I discovered this horrible inhumane shelter, and I dont know who is responsible,but I do know it wasnt me.. Please everyone, Alls I want is answers about my cat, and nothing more. I feel reassured and confident that Mayor Prince's Office, City Officials, City Councilmen, and the PA Police Department, will do a thourough Investigation into the things I discovered at the Animal shelter. Once that has taken place, Im sure they will share there findings with the community. And we will all have answers. And Maybe, just maybe I might get some answers too about my Jack. I did not personally demand an investigation, I have nothing to do with that, I have no power in this situation, and I will leave it up to the proper authorities, and I have no doubts that they will handle this investigation in the upmost professional manner possible.
I am wrecked with grief as it is, and I would hope that some people could at least be a little kinder. I never meant for any of this to happen, Like I keep saying alls I wanted is to find my beloved Jack, and what I did find was so awful, however I was not resonsible for the animals that were treated so cruely.

Much Peace & Kindness to all,

Fran, you owe no one an

Fran, you owe no one an explanation. For those of us who are familiar with Animal Control, nothing needs explaining.
I know how much you are hurting. And I am so truly sorry that Jack is missing. And I am sorry that you had to endure all of this pain. No one and no animal deserves this.
God bless


Dear Ann, Thank you for your kind and understanig words of support. I feel all this is so sad. How can anyone blame a little missing cat on what has been uncovered at the Port Arthur animal control ? It is so sad. It took more than one person to allow the conditions at the Animal control center to get this facility as bad as it had gotten to. It shouldnt have taken my story or Jacks story to uncover such horrible things. It wasnt just one person that was working there that smelled the decaying bodies, so why didnt any of the other employess handle it in the proper way. No one,didnt do anyting to stop it as well.Its seems to me there are more involved than just one individual, and ALL of the employess are resonsible on some level.
Thanks again for your continued support I am still hoping Jack can be brought home safely, and I dont want to loose hope, however as days go by, and by and no sign of him I have no clue to as where he maybe.
Thanks again for taking a moment to shed some positive light into this horrible case.
Many Blessings Your Way, Fran

Thank you for exposing them

Thank you for exposing them in your article so everyone knows what goes on. I guess they took "Animal Control" into their own hands. I hope & pray the truth does come out and Jack comes back.

Re: Thank You for exposing them

Hello anonymous, Thanks tremendously for taking a moment to voice your opinion. I appreciate your understanding and continued support. Im under enough grief as it is right now just not knowing what really happened to my baby Jack, It saddens me that people are blaming me and and my lost cat on what took place or is taking place at the PA A/C. I just dont understand it. I had nothing to do with how they conducted their business, I did not write or make the rules, So why am I being blamed for how the workers did or did not do their job correctly.
Other than my cat going missing, and unfortunately being picked up by the animal control,What does that have to do with the way the animals were handled and treated by the city workers.
...If there was not a story, then there would be no story to tell, right??

Thanks for taking the time to send a kind message, your continued prayers for Baby Jacks safe return or answers is so greatly appreciated,


lady you were looking for

lady you were looking for more then your cat that night because why bring a camera??? you are trying to blame them for your irresponsibility... it sounds like it to me you must of been out of town for the lady to say she seen the cat 2 days on her step in its apartment complex before animal control was called. Maybe you are looking for attention????? because all this time you have to post on EVERY single comment at all hours seems to me you have no life and havent been to concerned on looking for Jack anymore.. Get a life.. face it the cats gone because of u and u need to just face it.. and stop trying to place blame on others...

You're so ignorant! Don't

You're so ignorant! Don't you know that most cellphones have cameras? Plain and simple, this woman's cat was lost and she was looking for it. All you haters HAVE GOT TO BE STUPID AND IGNORANT, because like she and everyone else that have a brain have been saying repeatedly.....the horrific conditions of the Pt. Arthur Animal Control is the story here, not the lost pet. I wasn't going to post anything in here, but the more I read from all of the idiots badmouthing Fran and the supposed details of whether or not she was out of town, I couldn't help myself. I'm an avid animal lover and cannot even comprehend the conditions the poor, little living animals that were there, had to endure while they were there. THE STORY IS ABOUT THE PA ANIMAL CONTROL KNUCKLEHEADS!!!!

Excuse me..how would you feel

Excuse me..how would you feel if your family member of 13 yrs went missing?? leave my mother to grieve at peace whethet thats searching the streets of port arthur, helping other animals or sitting at the computer replying to the actualkind people on here! We dont need your negativity..so buzz off

I am not believing what I am

I am not believing what I am reading. Push aside the fact that this dear lady has lost her cat--the fact is because of her and others, a major case of animal cruelty has been revealed--at the City's Animal Shelter. Just in case you aren't up on the news, that is against the law


Dear Rob thanks so much for voicing your opinion.
I couldnt have said it any better. Me and my kitty Jack seem to be getting most of the blame for all this, and for the life of me I cant understand this cruelty. I was not responsible for these terrible actions against animals. I hope that we can get a positive outcome, and all that are directly involved will have to legally answer to their actions here.
I have been taking even negative bashing as it is on this comment board, and as you stated the fact my cat when missing, etc, was not the concern here.
So with that said, thanks again for your wonderful supportive input. May God Continue to bless you always,
Sincerely, Fran

Jacks Defender

Hi Fran, its me again. You are absolutely right that you don't have to try & defend yourself nor do you have to give the devils followers satisfaction that they are getting to you. That is exactly what he wants! He wants us upset, overwhelmed, confused & in turmoil. I do not know you other then meeting you for the first time on here. Its amazing how God brings people into our lives. Just keep your Faith & be strong because the serpent is lurking everywhere & can dress in nice "Camo". Never let your guard down. Just when you do, people will trample all over you. My main point is, please don't let untrue, mean, negative comments bother you because they are the ones that are trying to get everybodys attention. I am behind you 100% & I never met you but I am your sister in christ. Have a Blessed Day & be sure to put Gods Armour on!


Thank you my lovely new friend,
I cant even express in words how overwhelmed with sadness I am today & at this very moment, My eyes are almost swollen shut, from all the tears I have shed at the thought of Jacks well being and the Not just knowing. My body is wrecked with real pain, my heart truly is aching for Jack, and all the other animals that lost their lives in the hands of the PA Animal Control (Kill) shelter. With that said, I truly wanted you to know that your comforting words came as a much needed blessing today.
I appreciate you continuing to be a voice for Jack And I.
I just wish others were as kind and supportive as you have been to me. I know the devil is hard at work trying to find a scapegoat to pin the blame on, but its not me, and definetly not Jacks fault. Just because baby Jack went missing, and the animal control has no answers for me,the bottom line is it still does not warrant how the Animal control handled their day to day business. Im not making the rules that govern this facilty, so why all the blame?

Thank you so kindly for lifting me up in your prayers, it is such a difficult time for me right now, not only due to the fact I have still not found Jack, but the thought that I never will scares me to death.
Well I appreciate all your positive comments in regards to this issue at hand.
May God continue to bless you and your family.
Most Sincere, Fran

My dog was ran over by one of

My dog was ran over by one of my neighbors and i would never take it to the extreme you have I was very hurt...but i eventually got over it. It take takes time but you will find piece. I just dont n will never agree with innocent people doing their job and getting in trouble for a twisted story.


Hi Jerry I just picked up the paper early this morning, for some reason I was hesitant to read and see it. I guess Seeing it on paper just made it more real. As horrible as it is, I still cant believe what we uncovered. I wanted to Thank You too for writing such a wonderful story. Although it brings tears to my eyes, the story had to be told. I want to thank you for mentioning Jacks name & story as well, for without him none of this would have been brought to light. I appreciate your concern and support during this time. Jack means the world to me, and I just hope and pray we can get some answers soon.
Thanks for all your help.
Many Blessings, ~Fran

It seems to me the

It seems to me the decomposition process had already begun when the animals were picked up from the the side of the road! Especially in all this heat!! I can't imagine the animal control officer riding around in his truck with dead animals all day long. And yes ladies, if you get close enough you will be turned off by the stench. They say if u look for trouble u will find it. I guess your stray cat was not the only thing you were "looking" for. Don't buy into the hype PEOPLE! This story sounds a bit "fishy" to me. Maybe your cat will smell it and return home. And yes, I too am an animal lover.


Hello, I dont know you,
however I wanted to reply to your comment on this story. I am the lady with the missing cat.
I can swear to you, and promise you there is nothing fishy about this story other than how the Animal Control office conducts their business.
I think you may have misunderstood the dead animal part, I personally have photos of these poor dead animals. I took them myself along with several witnesses, as did Jerry. They are graphic and so sad. These animals were not dead animals picked up from the sides of roads, or streets, these animals were euthanized purposely, and they were NOT in the back of a normal work truck that they use on daily basis to pick up animals. These dead animals were in an old abandoned truck inside the lot of the Animal Control Center in plain view. From the very first day I went to pick up my cat, I noticed the fowl smell. But it wasnt until Just a few days ago that I kept wondering where the smell was coming from. Once I decided to check out the old truck bed, and I was simply horrified at what I saw. Anyone with a heart would have been too. Once the artical is published you too will see for yourself that this is not a normal practice. And NO, the workers were not riding around town all day with dead animals in their work trucks they were just euthanizing them and throwing them in the back of the old pickup truck bed, just as they were garbage or trash. The bodies were not even covered There were several animal bodies on tops of bodies, all at differnt stages of decomp. some were even just skeletons. So I just wanted to clear that up. Maybe just maybe you will have a change of heart once you see the photos once they are published. Again, for you and anyone else reading this post I am not a mean or hateful person, I just love my cat, and want to see him home safely. I dont mean to sound harsh and or rude in any way. I just want the public to be aware.
I appreciate all your support and Prayers.
Peace & kindness, ~Fran

The person who runs this

The person who runs this place better resign. I know lots o people who are verrrry pissed and are seeking action. This guy has no buisness being near animals. That piece of work needs to realize he is an animal his self. I hope it all returns to him 100 fold. Port Arthur admins are the worst of the worst and people wonder why most people hate this area. Its because of morons like this. I think we should throw this POS in a cage with no water or food for a few weeks. Rot in hell.


Dear Will,
Thank you so much for your supporting comments on this story.
I couldnt have said it any better myself.
I appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion.
I am the young lady who lost my cat. I loved him dearly, and have had him since he was 1 day old, he is now 13. I have a seizure disorder, and my baby Jack had a natural ability to detect my seizures, and I loved him so much. He was vital to me and my life. I agree with all that you have said in your post, its sad, that things like this are taking place and no one is doing nothing about it. My main concern first and formost is finding my cat. According to City official Lawrence Baker who is over the PA Animal Control office stated most definitely my cat was NOT, and I repeat NOT euthanized, and just got away from the worker. I pray that is true, because after witnessing what I did in the lot of the Animal Control, in that old truck bed was so horrific, and sad, that I feel he have very well have been put down as well just like all the others. I want more than nothing else but the truth about my cat. I feel sadness for all the other animals as well, but I want no trouble, I just think the public needs to know about this. Throwing dead animals in the backs of truck beds to decompose is just not the proper or safest way to dispose of hazardous waste. I hope that the public would agree. This truck bed had been a dumping ground (or trash can, if you prefer) for quite some time, the whole bed of the truck in and out were full of maggots, not only that but there was tuffs of old animal hair stuck in all the hinges of the tail gate. It was a horrific site. Im so glad I happen to have my camera that night. There is so much more to this story, and it goes way beyond what most likely will be published, but I swear to you, it gets worse than that. If you were to call and ask if there are animals to adopt everyday they will tell you no, but when I would go at night and there would be plenty of animals to adopt, then I go the next day, and they would all be gone. Then a day later there would be a new set of animals, and someone would call to ask to adopt a pet and they would say again no, no animals for adoption, and then by that evening the animals from the night before would mysteriously all be gone. Something is wrong with that picture. I have contacted several other animal control divisions in South East Texas, and most all other shelters have a policy and have a waiting period for euthanizations. But PA animal control does it on a daily basis. They dont even try to attempt to adopt out pets.
I have been down to the shelter everyday for two weeks, and have smelled the death smell, and I want to ask myself what kind of person can go to work each day with that smell and not think anything about it? Its simply crazy.
Thank you so much Will for your support and Prayers, for they are greatly appreciated. and according to Mr. Baker "my cat is still at large", and I so despertly want to find him, and bring him home. Or get some answers from the animal control as to exactly what happened to my Jack.
Thanks & Much Peace,

N all you ppl worried about

N all you ppl worried about these damn animals need to pick up the dead ones from off side the road and have a funeral service for them if you are that concerned. You are not gonna do that though...you will call Animal Control to do the job. Let one of your family members get bit by a dog; I use to work for the postal service and would get harassed by dogs daily. PEOPLE...if you care about your animals...take care of them yourselves.


"REALLY" Is that your name?
Well if you ask me your "Heartless & Horrific"!
We are not dicussing here dead animals on the side of a road, What we are discussing here are poor defenseless animals that were euthanized and thrown into the bed of an old truck to decompose in the sun. How would you like it if your mother, brother, sister or child was murdered then thrown into the bed of an old abandoned truck to decompose in the sun in a supposedly "reputable" business parking lot. Well maybe in your case you woudn't mind that, for it would be way cheaper than having to buy a cemetary plot.!!
Are you for real "REALLY"?

Tired of these cats on my car

Are you ppl serious....the lady that called the pound for him/her to get the cat must have been tired or scared of the cat. What about homeless ppl on the streets. There are other things in this world to worry about. I myself think she was wrong for snooping around at night looking for trouble. These ppl have families to take care of and you rather them loose their jobs behind a cat that was in another persons home. Im sorry that you cant find your cat but if need b she can come where I live and have her pick of the liter. These damn ppl feed these cats and have them running all loose in the neighborhood walking on ppl cars n just getting on my nerves.

Why not just wash your car!!!

Why not just wash your car!!!


Hello "Really"
I just read your post and cant believe how mean spirited you "Really" are.
I owned the missing cat, and I promise you it was not roaming freely. He was let out accidently by a maintenance worker in my apartment. He has never been outdoors. I promise you he most definitely would not have been the one walking on your car. My cat was strickly an indoor cat his whole life. I understand what your saying that there are more important things in life other than euthanized murdered animals, but that is not the issue at hand. Cruelty to animals is the issue at hand. Yes my cat got out my accident first time in his 13 yrs of life. Yes a neighbor found him on her front door step, and he ran into her apartment when she opened her door. She was NOT frightened of him, for he is the sweetest cat ever. She only called the animal control because her son was highly allergic to cats. He is not a wild cat whats so ever. He was a loving, beautiful cat. I know he was frightened by the animal control,but who woudnt be. You got a dart gun pointed at you and a noose around your neck I would be scared to death too.
Why dont we tie you up with a wire noose, and shoot darts at you, lets see if you squirm in fear and pain. Oh,and By the way,I didnt go downtown looking for trouble as you stated in your post, I went downtown only looking for my cat that was suppose to be in the care of the animal control. Well the tax payers of Port Arthur Texas pay their salary, and if their job is to control animals, then thats what they should do. Not Kill them...and besides if they did their job right why did mine get away? Someone wasnt doing there job correctly, or someone isnt telling the whole truth. How can a sedated cat jump from a back of a truck, hum, ask yourself that question. I promise you my cat would never roam the streets, especially near you. He was only a building over from my apartment building, he didnt get far, and never left the complex. I searched for him every single day, and Im still searching for him as of this day. My cat was up to date on all his shots, and neutered, and was healthy. There was no reason (if that happened) that a nice healthy domesticated cat needed to be put down. The day I found out my cat was at the shelter, even though it was on a Sunday, I went down there hoping to pick up my cat. But they were closed. I was there before opening time on Monday Morning. I was lied too, at first they stated my cat had NOT been picked up by them. I later found out, and they admitted to picking up my cat.
So Please be kind, I didnt have any intentions of causing anyone to loose their jobs if that even happened, had they done their job right in the first place we wouldnt even be discussing this. I wish that I had my cat here with me, and let them handle business the way they want to. But everything happens for a reason, and if it took my cats life to let the public be aware of what is taking place in that shelter then that is what was suppose to happen. Hey why dont you redeem yourself by helping other helpless defenseless animals. And if your in the area of the PA animal control, and you see my baby Jack, I am offering a cash reward for his safe return.
Make Peace & NOT War!!!


The lady prob called because the cat wasnt HERS and it was in her house! What ABOUT homeless people on the street?!? They need to go get a freaking job thats what! If the people at the pound arent doing their job then yes, they DO need to lose their job! Cats walking on your car? Are you serious? We have more important things to worry about!


Dear Anonymous,
thank you for your kind response to this issue.
I am the young lady who has the missing cat.
I cant beleive how cruel this "Really" person really is.
Its obvious he is a mean heartless person.
Yes my cat got away by accident, first time in 13 yrs,
He was not let out by me, but a maintenance worker.
A neighbor whom I did not know at the time, had him on her front door step. When she opened her door, he ran straight in. And hid in her closet. She told me she wasnt scared of him, but only called the A/C because her young son was allergic to cats.
This whole ordeal has got me overwhelmed with sadness and greif. I loved my little Jack. I have a seizure disorder due to a Cerebral Tumor, and he has a special natural gift of detecting my seizures. He played a vital part of my life. Iloved him and he was the best freind anyone could have ever asked for. I dont know if he is alive or dead, but after seeing all those dead animal bodies on the A/C property, I have my doubts. But until finding him or otherwise, I will continue to search for him as long as I can.
If it means going to court to get them to tell the truth as to what really happened to him under oath maybe I could get closure and answers. Im not a vindictive person, but I want to have justice for not only my kitty but all the other animals I saw that just were discarded like trash in that old pick up bed.
I sincerely appreciate your kindness & Prayers,
Peace & Kindness, Fran

My damn car is important. I

My damn car is important. I work just as hard as the next man. Who are you....You are absolutely right with the fact that we have more important things to worry about...homeless ppl are more important than some damn cats. RIP Jack... but the reason he is where he is...is because of his irresponsible owner who is now trying to put these ppl at fault.


Your car? Im sure it is important, probably just as important as my cat was to me. My cat is not dead or lost because of my irresponsiblity, I did not let him loose, he was let out by a maintanence person working in my apartment. However someone has been irresponsible, and that is the PA Animal Control. They did not follow their own protocol policy. The law states any animal brought into the shelter needs to be documented. So had they done their job correctly, when I called every single day they would have had information logged or documented to tell me yes, my cat was there, and I would have immediately picked him up, However that was not the case, they show no record of ever picking up my cat even though they did.
You cant even begin to understand how hurtful you have been. This is a serious issue at hand, and Im not talking just about my own kitty Jack, Im talking about the whole community. Most families own pets, and if some how regardless of how, an animal got loose or lost, the bottom line is there still is no reason for a business like this to keep dead animals in plan view decomposing in beds of pick up trucks. Its awful.
Im a kind person, and try my best never to be hateful to anyone. Just so you know, I forgive you for the mean words you have posted here.
Peace to all!
p.s..."God,forgive them for they know not what they do"
~Luke 23:34

My damn car is important. I

My damn car is important. I work just as hard as the next man. Who are you....You are absolutely right with the fact that we have more important things to worry about...homeless ppl are more important than some damn cats. RIP Jack... but the reason he is where he is...is because of his irresponsible owner who is now trying to put these ppl at fault.

Well work a little harder and

Well work a little harder and get a garage if your worried about a few paw prints! Oh and I care more about my DOG than the homeless people on the street! They are humans and can take care of themselves. If they choose to be on the street then so be it. I actually rescued my pup from off the streets. What are YOU doing to help all these homeless people you speak of or anything else! By the way she's not irresponsible. Accidents happen. Even if Jack wasn't missing what in the hell are they doing letting animals rot out in the open like that?!? Do you know all the health and safety issues that could arise from that? Guess we should pile all those homeless people in the back of the truck when they croak and tie you to the truck right next to them. Sounds fun huh.

What am I doing to help?

What am I doing to help? Lets see.. we will start by trying to help them keep the very job that you are trying to take away you nitwit...

HELlO!! They arent doing

HELlO!! They arent doing their job that's the whole point here! Oh and you arent helping anyone keep their jobs by defending them on here.

Well thats good someone is

Well thats good someone is looking out for these poor people that will probably lose there jobs over this mess.. because the city manager isnt going to take the heat on this so its just easier to fire the workers.. and you know whats sad is I heard the supervisor was out a week on medical leave while this report was made... and we all know what happens when someones supervisor is gone.. you break the rules and slack on the job... and the supervisor is going to suffer behind this ladies irresponisblities... its ashame lady that you just don't know what you did and if I were you I wouldnt be able to sleep at night knowing you caused these innocent people to lose there job over some gross road kill pictures.. You said it yourself you were going there for 2 weeks and you know you would of done this sooner if it was anything to this story.. you caught them when it was a time the supervisor was out on sick leave and they were short handed.. what ashame.. but hey what goes around comes around and God will make a way for these people if they lose there jobs over this.

So because their supervisor

So because their supervisor is out of town and they were short handed it gives them the right to mistreat animals? No! They still have a job to do NO MATTER what! Its obvious this has been going on for a long time. The cats owner didnt make them not do their job. It just so happens shes the one that brought it out to the open that these things were taking place. People, this lady and her cat isnt the problem its Port Arthur's Animal Control that is. Obviously you all are not smart enough to see that. So I guess if a funeral home's director isnt around and they are short handed its ok for the workers there to mistreat the bodies that are brought in?

ok yall people really need to

ok yall people really need to LOOK at the WHOLE picture.. yall are acting like they have choices and the city can afford to keep all these animals till they are adopted out. Yall don't realize how many unwanted animals they have out there and this shelter has no option but to put the animals down. Well this is really like fighting a lossing battle because there are so many one sided people in the world.. and honestly till YALL start doing something about all the unwanted animals then maybe you can voice your opinions and they mean something. Its easy to claim being a animal lover... but doing something to help these animals is another level that NO one wants to step up and do. its just easier to sit at home and just comment on the matter... .

The City doesnt TRY to adopt

The City doesnt TRY to adopt these animals out. Theres no doubt that some will have to be put down but if you are not at least trying to save any of them that's just lazy. Oh and if YOU looked at the whole picture and what has been going around in your community then you would know there are several animal rescue groups that do save and adopt out unwanted animals. They have full time jobs and still work their butts off trying to save them. Even Vidor Animal Control tries their best to get the animals they have adopted out. Trust me there are all kinds of people that try to help these animals but like you said there are just way to many so the unfortunate ones that have to be put down they should be treated fairly up until they are at their final resting place. They should be put to sleep by cruelty free methods and then disposed of in a timely and proper manner. But if you want to get to the root of the problem of animal over population people need to spay and neuter their pets and stop breeding for money.

Your comments make you sound

Your comments make you sound sicker than the crime itself if you can defend something like this. You know darn good & well God (if you have the same one) would NOT condone something like this!! So stop trying to make these employees look like "POOR LITTLE ME". If they don't want to take the time to find a home for the animals then maybe they need to get a new job anyway. Sounds like it will work out for them anyway. Anyone that gets a thrill out of hurting animals will also get a thrill out of hurting people. So don't defend bad behavior unless you are part of it.

poor animals

First of all let me just say that this is AWFUL. The lady was walking around looking for her cat because she was told it had escaped while the animal control guy was taking it out of his truck. If this was a personal residence and animals were left without food and water the owner would be going up on charges for animal cruelty and most likely going to jail, so why aren't these guys that work for PAAC facing some kind of charges. This is absolutely horrible and I would at least fire the guy that was in charge and replace him as soon as possible.


Thank you so much for making a comment on this issue, Right now I need all the support and prayers I can get, I just cant understand why people are being so cruel here, when alls I really did was loose a cat, I had no say so in how A/C conducted their business. My complaint was mainly that by city laws all animals taken in and euthinized are to be documented. Well alls I wanted to know is where, when and who picked up my cat, No one could give me a straight answer. Still I cant get answers, what is the big coverup about my cat? Its strange if you ask me, and it seems to me it would be much easier if they would just tell me the truth, It may be hard to hear, but I could eventually start the greiving process, Maybe at first they didnt want to admit they euthanized my Jack, maybe at first they didnt want to admit to even picking him up, why? well maybe because they didnt follow their own policy and protocols, that state all animals should be documented, and knew if found out they didnt follow protocols then it could easily result in fines, or worse repercussions. Had they told me the truth from day one, we might not even be discussing this issue, But Im a big believer in everything happens for reasons, and in this case that has been proven to be so true,

Thanks again for your wonderful support,

Nail these guys Jerry!!!

Nail these guys Jerry!!!