UPDATE! Horrific and heartless

UPDATE! Horrific and heartless

The search for a lost cat named Jack in the city of Port Arthur led to the discovery of inhumane practices and mistreatment of animals by employees of the animal control department there, an investigation by The Examiner has found.

When Fran Christian realized her 13-year-old cat, Jack, had somehow escaped her apartment July 1, she immediately began a door-to-door search for her beloved pet. In addition to speaking with her neighbors, she contacted the Port Arthur Animal Control to see if they might have captured her feline friend, but she was given a resounding “No” by employees there. But as the search for Jack continued, she learned animal control had indeed picked up her cat after it ran inside another person’s home it likely thought to be its own.

Christian said when she spoke with that homeowner, she was told an animal control officer attempted six times to sedate her cat with a dart but kept missing. When he finally hit Jack in the paw, the animal went down and he put it in his truck and left.

Having heard that story, Christian went to animal control and asked about Jack and was told the department had not captured her cat. But she knew that wasn’t true and dialed a phone number the woman said she called when Jack ran inside her home. That’s when the phone rang inside the building. Christian said an animal control officer finally confirmed her cat was captured but the animal had escaped as the officer was trying to get it out of his truck.

“How can a sedated animal escape?” Christian asked. “It makes no sense but they tell me that my cat is ‘at-large’ like he is a criminal or something.”

Christian said she contacted Mayor Bobbie Prince’s office, which directed her to Lawrence Baker, the director of Port Arthur’s Community Services Department, who oversees animal control. She said Baker was rude to her but said he would find out about her cat – and he told her the same story she received from animal control – Jack was at-large.

So, every night since Jack allegedly broke out of the pound, Christian and her sister have walked the streets of downtown Port Arthur calling for Jack in hopes that he will come out from where he is supposedly hiding.

She said she had been to the shelter many times and each time she noticed a foul odor from the area where the animal control trucks were parked behind the building, but she thought the department might be using dead fish to trap cats and other animals.

On Tuesday, July 12, at about 9:45 p.m., Christian said the gate was unlocked so she and her sister went inside the fenced-in area behind the building. She said she didn’t find Jack but what she discovered was gruesome and disturbing. Since she had already contacted The Examiner seeking help in dealing with animal control, she called the reporter and asked what to do.

“I couldn’t look at it,” Christian said. “It made me sick to my stomach.”

When the reporter arrived about 30 minutes later, he was immediately overcome with the stench of rotting animals. Christian and her sister directed him to a dark blue pickup truck parked near a wooden fence that was the source of the odor. When he looked in the bed of the truck, he observed the skeletal remains of at least four cats, two dogs and other animals that were covered in maggots and flies. As he walked around the truck, he could also see where the bodily fluids of the animals were leaking through the rusty truck bed and dripping onto the ground.

Since the group was inside the fenced area, they looked around and also found at least six small cats and a dog locked in cages without food or water that were crying out. One of the kittens had been put into the cage with an extension cord wrapped around its neck. And in the bed of another truck, they found a live raccoon that had been caught in a trap and placed next to a caged baby kitten no more than a few weeks old. Neither of those animals had been provided food or water and both were less than 10 feet from the pile of dead, rotting animal carcasses in the other truck.

At that point, the reporter went to the Port Arthur Police Department and spoke Sgt. S.L. Davis asking him to check on the animals that were still alive. When Davis arrived at animal control, he appeared shocked at what he saw and said the animals were being treated cruelly. He contacted police dispatchers and asked them to contact Baker.Before leaving, Davis told the newspaper that Baker was sending his senior animal control officer – Ervin Thomas – to the scene in order to take care of the problem.The Examiner obtained a copy of a memorandum Sgt. Davis wrote early Wednesday morning to PAPD Major Raymond Clark, which states, “I advised him (Baker) that someone would need to come out and at least take care of the live animals tonight as it was cruel for them to be left in that type of state.”

When Thomas arrived at the animal control office, the reporter began asking him questions about how more than a half-dozen cats and a dog could be left without food or water or how the baby kitten and the raccoon could be locked in the bed of a pickup truck.

His reply was the animals in the cages were “animals that people come and drop off when we aren’t here.”

But the next day Baker told the newspaper the gate is supposed to be locked, which would prevent such a practice. He told the newspaper he was upset because he wasn’t aware the department hadn’t replaced a $5 lock that was broken. But somehow Thomas found a working lock when he chained the gate closed to keep the reporter out of the fenced area.

Thomas continued explaining that the animals were put into the cages by people who didn’t want them and they had done so by entering the fenced area, opening the cages and putting the animals inside all between the time officers left for the day at 5 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. when Christian and her sister contacted the newspaper.“Exactly; they can drop off animals at any time,” he said. “Hey, we come here all the time and we may have (sic) full, full of stuff.”

At that point the reporter asked if a video camera pointing toward the back fence was functioning and Thomas said it was; however, the reporter was later told by Baker the camera system “hadn’t worked in some time.”

When asked about the dead animals in the truck, Thomas said, “That is our landfill truck. The animals that we euthanize, they go to the landfill.”

But Thomas changed his story when asked why the animals were just left to rot in the truck.

“Those animals are already dead,” he said. “These are animals we picked up dead off the road. That is the landfill truck. We air that truck up (the truck had a flat tire) every time we get ready to move it.”

He didn’t have an answer when asked about another animal carcass that was found rotting in an alcove area next to the rear door of the animal control building. That animal had obviously been there for a while as the concrete was stained from where the animal had decayed.

At that point, Thomas accused the reporter, who was standing in the alley behind the facility, of trespassing and he called the police.

“You know you are trespassing,” he said. “You don’t have anything. It don’t mean nothing, whatever you are trying to do.”

A short time later, Sgt. Davis returned to the facility and told Thomas there was nothing he could do to stop the reporter from taking photos because no laws were being broken. He also indicated the same in his memo to Odom.

“I was called back over by Mr. Thomas who was upset that (the reporter) was taking pictures,” Davis wrote. “I explained to Thomas that as long as (he) did not interfere with him doing his job, there was nothing I could do about (him) taking pictures. I left the scene. I just wanted to advise you of this, as I am sure it will be in The Examiner next week.”

It took Thomas more than 20 minutes to stop talking on his cell phone before he gave food and water to the animals in the cages. An hour later, he finally did the same for the caged kitten in the pickup, but he did so only after he positioned the truck so the reporter couldn’t get a photo of him putting a cord around its neck and dragging it out.Thomas is no stranger to controversy or to The Examiner. In February 2008, the newspaper exposed how he used a .22 caliber rifle to kill what he said was a viscous 13-inch tall dachshund. That incident led to a policy change regarding the use of firearms by animal control officers.

After hearing the chain of events and being shown a number of photos, Baker said he was extremely concerned. He promised a “full investigation” and that he would get to the bottom of the matter.

“First, I would like to thank you for bringing this issue to my attention,” he said. “We are concerned that all of the animals are taken care of properly. That is why last night when I got the call, I am very upset that the gate was open and that based on the information that was given to me that things weren’t done properly. We are looking into that matter to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. He said the lock they were using was broken and they hadn’t replaced it. I have addressed that and we are in the process of getting a lock so that won’t be the case anymore.

“I am trying to find out where the animals came from and how they got there. Once I get that information, I will have a better feel for what happened, how it happened and we will put whatever precautions or safeguards in to avoid that from happening in the future.”

Baker said proper protocol is that animals are to be placed in bags and put into a freezer until they are transported to the landfill. But he said he was told the freezer was too full to hold the large yellow Labrador that was seen decaying in the back of the pickup. However, a photo taken that evening shows the freezer contained only a couple of animals and would have easily contained the Labrador and the other animal remains.

“Usually we freeze them overnight and bring them to the landfill, but yesterday the landfill was closed because of the rain,” Baker said. It was not immediately known if the landfill was closed on Tuesday.

Port Arthur City Manager Steve Fitzgibbons said there was no excuse for the animals being treated the way they were. He said the supervisor who works at the animal control office has been out since Friday, and he wants to know if she was aware of the conditions.

“Why would they leave dead animals on that truck for very long? Just the stench would be terrible,” he said. “I don’t have all the information at this time. We have a lot to look at but in any event this should not have been the case. We need to find out what we can find out regardless of whether it was before she (the supervisor) was out on Friday. It shouldn’t have happened but it would be interesting to see how long these practices and procedures have been happening.

“That is a serious, serious issue. The animals that are dead are dead, but when it comes to those that are alive, they need to be treated in a humane manner.”

The situation also struck a nerve with a Port Arthur City Councilmember, who reached out to the newspaper after hearing about the conditions at the animal control department.

“It isn’t right, and we are going to make sure it is addressed,” said Councilman John Beard. “I will not tolerate this.”

Councilman Bob Williamson was also angry over the matter and sent the following e-mail around noon Wednesday.

“I wanted to personally thank you for investigating this incident and bringing your discovery to our attention,” he wrote. “You have obviously uncovered intolerable conditions and you rescued some animals from a terrible fate. I also extend my thanks to that person who alerted you. This news is indeed troubling. I intend to be certain that we identify all those who are responsible for this and hold them accountable. I also intend to be certain that we pursue a permanent remedy with all speed.”

Christian said she feels some comfort knowing the city appears to be taking the issue seriously but she is still grieving over the loss of her pet. She said she doesn’t believe Jack escaped and fears animal control officers are lying to her about his fate. She said she is afraid her friend of 13-years was euthanized and throw in among the rotting corpses of other animals tossed in the back of the truck at animal control.




Thank you so much Cat lover for your kind comment.
I cant tell you how much iam wrecked with pain and grief over this. I wish this on no one. I still dont know the truth about Jack and I hope and pray that God will let me find him if that is his will. If not, I need to know the truth so that I can stop searching and start some kind of greiving process.
I have had baby Jack for 13 years, I have had him since he was 1 day old. And I miss him with my every being.
Im still hoping I can find him since it has been less than 3 weeks since he went missing. But I will continue to search until I can find out otherwise.
If you live near or in port arthur, and spot him please contact Jerry, He will know how to get in touch with me.
I hate that it has come down to this. But who knows this may have been Jacks mission in life. If it was, I just pray God will give me the strength to go forward in life peacefully.
I feel very blessed and thankful to have had him for the 13 yrs,but I am still hoping that out of such a tragedy for all those other animals that lost their lives so cruely, Jack was responsible for bringing this to light.
Im terribly sad and greiving, I appreciate everyone who may be reading this keeping me in your prayers.
Most Sincere, Fran


well I feel sorry for the lady not finding her cat.. but Im sure there are 2 sides to this story.. for one why would 2 ladys be walking around downtown Port Arthur in the middle of the night?? and another thing is they were traspassing on city property after hours, I give Port Arthur Animal Control Officers upmost respect for the job they have to do. Not just anyone can do that job. Come on people start spaying and neutering your animals because there are to many unwanted animals out wondering around and they wouldn't have to put them down.


Hello, I wanted to make a comment on your comment.
I am the owner of the missing cat Jack.
I have had him since he was a day old, and he is 13 years old now. My cat has had all his shots, neuterd, and has been declawed and has never been out of the house. Yes there are always two sides of the story, and mine & Jacks is important, not to mention all the other animals that were euthanized while in the care of this shelter (port arthur animal control). I live in an apartment complex, and I did not let my cat out, he was let out by accident by a maintenance man doing work in my apartment while I was not at home. I keep a close eye out on my cat, and like I said he has never gone outside. From the first day he was missing, I searched and searched for him. I searched for him by foot, by calling the animal control on many occassions asking had they picked up any animals, (by the way the answer was always no) and by going door to door. Maybe you dont like animals I dont know, but I love mine just like most people do, and refer to them as family members. I have a seizure disorder and my cat is so special that he detects when I will have a seizure. Once the full story of this case is published, and you get to see the photos of this horrific case yourself, then maybe you will shutter at the thought if one of your animals got loose by accident and was picked up by them. I love my cat dearly, and if I loose my life searching for him in one of the worst parts of town, well then so be it. But atleast I can say I did everything in my power to find him. And if the PA animal control center is such an upstanding organization, why didnt they follow city ordinances and Texas laws that require all animals that are picked up by animal control, and ones that are euthanized to be documented. My baby Jack didnt have no records documented. In fact,I cant even get a straight forward answer as to who even picked up my cat. I called on many occassions, inquiring about any cats being found or picked up, but each and everytime I got no, no cats have been picked up.
Which was clearly a lie. I had proof my cat was picked up by them. Now, let me address about your statement, about 2 ladies looking for a cat in downtown PA, well its not recommended or safe, but its always justified if you love your pet as much as I love mine. If you were missing a child wouldnt you got to any lengths in trying to find them? well that is what I was doing. Please everyone reading this, I dont mean to sound rude or harsh in any manner, but this story is true, and sad. I lost a cat, and so many other kittens, puppies, dogs, etc, lost thier lifes as well because someone dropped the ball. No one wanted to even take the time to try and adopt the kittens or puppies for its much cheaper to euthanize them than to have to provide food, water, and care for them before someone adopts them.
I hope that you can at least understand my side of this story now, if not then read the full story when it comes out, and look at the photos and judge for yourself.
Much Peace to you,

Animal Owner

Perhaps you are not an animal owner. Let me explain this woman's actions if that's the case. An animal owner who loves their pet, will walk the dark streets of a war zone to find them! Enter any property if they think their precious one is in there and suffer the consequences later! Why? B/C most animals would do the same for them.


Hello, although I dont know you, I want to say thanks to you for your kind reply to this post and report done by Jerry. I am the lady who did loose her cat. And the story has not quite been completed. But I wanted to say how much your kind words in regards to the understanding of how I feel, and what I have been going through for the past 3 weeks has brought me to tears. I could never imagine that people would be so cruel, and Im not talking about the animal control center right now, I am referring at this moment to the other people who are posting on this artical, and who are judging me and my actions in my quest to find my baby Jack. I feel so blessed to have someone that understands. When the full story comes out you will know exactly why this story is so horrific. Not just because of my furry baby, but for all furry babys out there that stand no chance of life if picked up by this animal-kill shelter. Once the full story is published, you will get to see for yourself why I refer to this as a kill shelter. There are pictures to proove it. I promise any of you who love animals will be so sad as to how this orginzation conducts their business.
Thanks again for your support & Prayers
Much Peace & Kindness, ~Fran Christian

Animal cruelty

You must be a very "Negative" person and I feel sorry for you. First of all, the women have just as much right being out on the streets as anyone else no matter what time it is or gender & race. I, just like them, would be thinking of my pets not my safety at the time. But I guess you wouldn't understand that. It sounds to me like you think a person should be able to do whatever they want (cruel or against the law) as long as they don't get caught. Is that correct?? You must work at the pound yourself or have someone you know that does, for you to be defending this kind of behavior & actions. What goes around does come back around!! I pray God has mercy on the souls of anyone that can do harm to his Creations. I don't know how anyone can sleep with a clear conscience if he or she is involved or know of someone that is doing these cruel/inhumane things. But I guess if you don't have a conscience then it wouldn't bother you.


Hello I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of the comment you left in regards to this story concerning animal cruelty. I am the owner of the lost cat Jack. I cant even begin to describe how blessed I feel when I have the support from other animal lovers. I cant even believe the cruelty that someone takes the time to even post it. I am a good person I loved my kitty, and had him since he was a day old. he is now 13. Its an unfortunate situation how he got out, but it was not at my fault I was not even home. Jack has never been outside whatsoever, so you can only imagine the pain I have been going through since he went missing. It has only been 3 weeks since he went missing and Im still holding out hope, until I find out what really happened to him. I just wished someone would give me the truth. It would be so much easier for me that way. It is not safe to go downtown at night I know, so when you understood why and what lengths I would go to find him I really appreciated you saying that. It brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for your kindness and concerns,
and Please if you live in or around PA please keep an eye out for Jack.
Also all prayers at this time are greatly appreciated.
I so despertly need them.
Much Peace To All.
Most Sincere, Fran


Hello I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of the comment you left in regards to this story concerning animal cruelty. I am the owner of the lost cat Jack. I cant even begin to describe how blessed I feel when I have the support from other animal lovers. I cant even believe the cruelty that someone takes the time to even post it. I am a good person I loved my kitty, and had him since he was a day old. he is now 13. Its an unfortunate situation how he got out, but it was not at my fault I was not even home. Jack has never been outside whatsoever, so you can only imagine the pain I have been going through since he went missing. It has only been 3 weeks since he went missing and Im still holding out hope, until I find out what really happened to him. I just wished someone would give me the truth. It would be so much easier for me that way. It is not safe to go downtown at night I know, so when you understood why and what lengths I would go to find him I really appreciated you saying that. It brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for your kindness and concerns,
and Please if you live in or around PA please keep an eye out for Jack.
Also all prayers at this time are greatly appreciated.
I so despertly need them.
Much Peace To All.
Most Sincere, Fran

My prayers are going up for

My prayers are going up for you and Jack. Jack is adorable. The devil is working overtime trying to get everyone arguing over this but just remember "God is in Control". No matter what kind of daggers people throw, there are people that do still care. People are so materialistic that they could care less about life and its living beings. My heart aches for you. I pray that you find him and I'm so thankful this was brought to light. I'm also thankful for all the support in this situation. Don't worry about the "Cold Hearted" comments, because sounds to me like they don't have one at all. (A heart, that is). Hugs to you!

Horrific & heartless

Hello lovely one,
thank you so much for the kind and enduring words you so graciously took the time to say.
I want to truly believe that Jack is a fighter, and really did get away, so I hope that is true. But on the other hand when I saw all those awful things that night at the animal control that it made me doubt that he could be alive. It hasnt been that long, and I have read stories about animals that have been lost for years but eventually come home. But for now Im not giving up. Considering the Animal control lied about everything else, maybe, just maybe they are telling the truth about one thing, which is that maybe Jack did get away. And as hard as it is to think about it, I hope if he did pass over, it was painless and quickly. Maybe It was Gods mission for him in this lifetime. In order to change the system & to save countless other animals lives, Jack may have had to sacrifice his own life for this to happen and take place. At least if he did pass, he didnt die in vain. Did you read the full artical in the paper yet? If not, you should. I cant believe how fast it snowballed, and its still not over.
I thank you so much for the kind and lovely words, and prayers, your a kind person, and I appreciate that.
May God continue to Bless you and your family.
Sincerely, Fran (& baby Jack)

well lets get this clear, no

well lets get this clear, no I don't work there are have anyone there that i know personally. and definetely are not negative. Im a animal lover and have several animals myself. I actually find unwanted animals homes and have been to the animal shelter regular to help save some of the animals before they are put down. I know for a FACT the back were the ladys were is were they keep the animals that were picked up off the road smashed into pieces by cars, and the animals they put down. They have a special area and truck that will go to bring them to the landfill. Its off limits to the public and of course is horrifying if u see a dog r cat in pieces. The animals are kept INSIDE and have shelter,food, and water for a week before they are moved to the back and put to sleep. I have never been there and not seen any animal with out food r water. So before passing judgement maybe go visit the shelter and see for yourself. There are so MANY unwanted animals they have to be put down. again there are 2 sides to a story so before passing judgement know the FULL story.


Im not judgeing, its just the FACTS!!!!!! Your comments don't sound like an "Animal Lover" to me. You can say it how you want to make it sound good, but it is what it is. As far as "Judgement", that day is coming. I'm not the one you need to care about if I judge you or not.

You have apparently not

You have apparently not bought a copy of the examiner with the FULL story in it and have not seen the gruesome and horrific pictures. These animals were not just placed in the back waiting to be dropped off at the landfill..they were decomposed rotting bodies of animals laying there full of maggots and flies and that does not happen overnight!! They were decayed and stuck to the ground and stuck to the bed of a truck proving they had been left there to rot. There was some that all that was left was bones!! You can clearly see 2 spines of 2 different animals...we may not know the whole story but unless u work there or are covering up for someone that does then you do not know the full story either...what I can tell u is that these pictures do not lie!!

Well yes I did look at the

Well yes I did look at the pictures and they are gross and disgusting, but come on people these pictures are of ROAD KILL that was left in the heat which doesnt take long to decompose and cause maggets. They should of just went riding around Port Arthur and took pictures of all the dead animals on the road and showed the public.. These animal control officers have to pick up these gross decomposing animals on a DAILY basis.. and like I said before not anyone can do this job. The only thing I see wrong is they could be more sanitary with the decomposed animals. The truck is there landfill truck that will take the animals to the dump. This story is making it look like some type of animal cruelty and that they caused these animals to decompose and rott... Like I said before I visit this shelter regularly and try to place as many animals I can. but its OVERWHELMING the unwanted animals out there. They have to put them down. People start neutuering and spaying your animals. and honestly the only law broken here is traspassing.. these ladys shouldnt of opened there large gate and went snooping.even if it was unlocked.. looking for your cat is one thing but you broke the law and sounds like your trying to place blame on your cat being missing. Would you have went in a persons unlocked house or gate in the middle of the night?? NO... would you have went in a unauthrized area in a funeral home and took pictures of dead bodys? NO. Honestly I feel sorry for you that your cat is gone. but this is really getting out of hand. Trying to start trouble for these workers that have familys to feed. Im a animal lover.. have cats and dogs. have had animals become missing also and stolen. but honestly you can only do so much as for as looking for them.. this is a little to much. You started all this drama over some decomposed animals that I know you wouldnt dare do there jobs and go pick them up off the side of the road. I pray for you and the animal control workers that they don't loss there jobs over this mess ..

Please stop trying to make

Please stop trying to make the Victim look like the Villian!! The lady is not a body snatcher, she just wants her cat back & the truth. You mentioned all the dead animals but you failed to mention the ones in cages being starved. You would be surprised to see what people will go through when their loved ones are lost or threatened(cats & dogs included). If they didn't have anything to hide then the gate wouldn't be locked and they wouldn't have to lie. I feel sorry for your animals since you are ok with that kind of behavior. Those employees will get exactly what they deserve. Justice will be served I pray. One more thing, it doesn't matter how they got the evidence, its that they got it! I guess that really is bothering some of you.

well all Im going to say is

well all Im going to say is no I dont work for the shelter but like I said before I visit it regular and know the WHOLE story and most of what she is speaking is untrue. and the gate was UNLOCKED.. and just to bring light to her story before she said she had been going there EVERY night and wouldnt see the animals she seen earlier that day clearly shows that this isnt something that regularly happens there. and of course there is a smell in the alley, thats were they wash out there landfill truck. when dealing with decomposed animals or anything to that matter is\t is going to smell.( just like funeral homes do) All these animal lovers need to stop just commenting on this story and do something about all these unwanted animals that this shelter has no option but to put to sleep. There is so much more to this story that the public needs to know and soon will find out. Im done with this matter its gotten way out of hand...


Hello I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you voicing your opinion on my behalf,and baby Jacks behalf.
What people are not understanding is that alls I did was loose a cat, and alls I did was ask what happened to him, Alls they said at first that they didnt pick him up, then finally saying they did, then saying he got away, even though he was sedated, I never intended for the story to end the way it has, my only mission was to get my cat or at least find out what happend to him, No one could give me a simple honest answer, so I went looking and searching for my own answer,
I truly believe everything happens for reasons, and
If there was no story to tell, then there would be no story to tell, right?
So why is everyone trying to blame me for how the animals were treated so horribly, when I was only one person, and had only one concern, and one lost cat. How did I cause these animals to be so treated so inhumane? Im just one person with one story, do you mean to tell me this big "Shakedown" was a direct result of my lost cat? If this is the case then someone jumped the gun, but I have a feeling I may be one of many, many stories and complaints that caused this major shakedown. My story just so happend to be the straw that broke the camels back,,,,,
Well thanks again for your support. I appreciate your continued prayers for Jack and all the animals that lost thier lives in the hands of these cruel people.
May there be Justice for all!


with all the excuses you seem

with all the excuses you seem to have and since you seem to be taking up for the trash that works for the pound (hmm you actually maybe an employee yourself by the way you are reacting)you are just as heartless and horrific as all the ones that run the city pound!!! I don't for one minute pray that any of these city workers get there job back...I personally know for a fact that what ms. Fran is saying is true due to the fact of where I work and you can make excuses up for them til you are blue in the face but it will not work. Action will be taken for what has been done. Fran..I know exactly how you feel about losing Jack. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs myself and they are not my animals..they are my children. I do have 2 teenage sons also. I do pray that what they say is true and that Jack got away from them and that you will be reunited with him soon. Stay strong and know that you have a lot of people standing behind you and praying for you!!


Thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate them more than I can say. I was just a normal person living my life, and loving my beautiful feline friend, when all this began. The cruel and harsh words that people have spoken against me have caused me extra sadness and grief. Its nice to know people understand me, and why this story even came to light,
Although everyone wants to believe that this big uproar concerning the PA A/C is a direct cause because my kitty went missing, It doesnt really have much to do about that, but instead its about how animals were treated, how animals bodies were disposed of, and how and why there is such a big mystery on what happened to my Jack. I really never pressed the issue, I was kind, and just wanted to know the truth where my Jack was, and at first I was told they didnt pick him up, then when I said I had proof, then they said yes they did, then it was he got away, I dont know if that is true or not, but I hope it is true. Just because they have no answers as to why and how Jack got loose, doesnt mean its my fault that they decided to treat animals so cruely. This has only been roughly a little over 2 weeks since I have been dealing with the A/C, by the looks of things at the shelter, dead bodies all over, not properly disposed of seems to me it has been going on for a very long time. I personally am the one who found the dead bodies in the truck. I had passed it several times on several days, but never thought to look to see if thats where the smell was coming from, but for some strange reason that particular day, I brought my camera to search for Jack, why I dont know, I just had a feeling, and i had never brought it before. Then on that same evening I kept wondering where the smell has been coming from all along. It never occured to me to look in the back of the old pick up truck, Well for whatever reason that night I did, and nothing has been the same since. It was a horrible site to see and witness. Like I have mentioned before, believe me I dont think this story would be bursting wide open on only one persons complaint alone (with that being Jack whereabouts).
Had they been truthful up front I wouldnt have had to go searching for my own answers, they litterally gave me no other choice.
I am very greatful and blessed to have wonderful and kind people who get it, who understands it, My Jack is my child too. and although he was lost by accident it still does not call for a euthanization. I think a law should go into effect that would state that animals who are picked up in residential areas, and who bare the signs of a domesticated animal should have a longer time period before euthanizing them. You could clearly see Jack was not a stray, he was healthy & He had been neutered. Even if an owner never came for it, or found it, the animal should have a chance for adoption, but sadly according to PA A/C they dont even attempt to do that...I guess it just calls for too much work, its easier and faster just to do away with them, For the past several weeks when I would see animals in the cages in the back, I would have family and friends call throughout the day to ask if they had any animals to adopt, and they would always say NO, No, No! Not once did they ever say yes they had animals to adopt, I witnessed a series of animals in the cages, baby kittens and young cats that would be perfect canidits for adoption however each and everytime they would tell us no animals to adopt today. so exactly why were they not even attempting to adopt any of these aniamls out? It is confusing to me.
Well I appreciate your continued support, and prayers for Jack, and for all the other animals that lost their lives in such cruel manners.
Thanks again, and
Many Blessings your way,


Hello, I am writing you to tell you how much I appreciated you speaking up on behalf of myself, Baby Jack, and the other animals that so cruely lost their life. I was there, I witnessed all these things with just me and my sister. I had to call someone, and Jerry came down. I took a lot of photos myself, because I didnt think anyone would believe me had I told them. I felt I had no voice, no power, so I got a tip from my vet that a story was being done about the same animal control center. I think it was a divine intervention of sorts. For I have been down in Pa downtown every single day and night looking for Jack. And every single day and night I was there I never thought to bring my camera, I never could find out where the smell was coming from even though the "death bed" truck had been there for the past two weeks. It appeared to not have been moved or working in many years. Basically it looked broken down, so I guess they decided to use it as a mass grave for the poor animals instead. Because of Jack going missing, all this has come to light. I dont want to think Jack passed, but if so at least he didnt die in vain. But evenso, it still does not ease the pain and suffering it has caused, Im still searching for Jack. I just happened to be a normal person whos cat got loose, and then boom I find out all this stuff. It was so much to absorb in one setting. I still cant believe what I saw and witnessed there. I just wish if the city officials really do want to do something about all this, I just wish for starters he would force the AC to admit to what happened to Jack. I think they should all be let go. I went to that place every evening and smelled that god awful smell. So how can someone go to work every single day and not notice dead animal carcasus laying around,the smell, the animals having no food or water. Its crazy. One evening while my sister and I were on our quest to look for Jack, we noticed a few baby kittens, and my sister named one of them Tiger. Well, a day or two later we didnt see Tiger anymore, then we saw him at the shelter one evening and by the next night he was gone. He was about 2-4 weeks old. Its extremly sad. I feel I had a voice in you when you were replying to the person who claims they are an animal lover, and you spoke loud and clear that those animals in the back of that truck were not just dead carcasus, they had been there for quite sometime. Some just skeletons, and several others on top, and a hugh golden retreiver or lab. I know this sounds graphic and Im sorry, but there were maggots on the outside of the truck, and all in the truck bed. Inside the tailgate hinges there was tuffs of animal hair. So this has been going on for quite sometime. They tried to say the reason the dead animals were in the broken down truck bed was because the deep freezer was full, but that was totally a lie. I took photos myself of the deep freeze that night, and I saw only one dog, and two smaller bags. This deep freezer was big I took pictures of that too. It was abou 5 ft. long, and about 3 ft high. So they lied about that to Jerry. I feel sad about all of this, but I hope things get better. But every worker should be let go. Im not sure who really picked up jack that day from my neighbors, because she described someone totally different than the guy we spoke to in person who admitted he picked up Jack. Something is just not right. My Jacky was let out by accident when a maintenance man entered my apartment to work on something. I was not at home at the time. Jack must have got lost, and I looked for days, and days. One day I got a tip, that a neighbor saw him on a porch of another resident. so I immediately went to that ladies apartment and from there I was so happy to get jack back, but the lady opened her door and jack ran right in, and she wasnt scared of him, but her son was coming home and he was allergic to cats so she called A/C...and from there it went down hill. I hope I can get answers or closure.
I thank you for speaking out on the animals behalf, me, and especially baby Jacks.
Your a kind person.
Please keep me in your prayers, this has been the most difficult thing for me to half to deal with.
I need to be strong for Jacks sake.
If you live near or around port arthur, please keep an eye out for Jack. I would be so greatful.
Many Thanks & Blessings,

Well..what if one of loved

Well..what if one of loved ones is attacked by a dog or gets in a wreck trying to avoid running over these dead animals in the street. Shoulda..coulda..what if does not matter.

People Care

All I am going to say to you is that some people actually care about animals. Animals cannot speak for themselves so we have to speak for them. These men deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the Law. I would respect them to if they were doing their jobs in the correct manner and within the bounds of the law, but these men have not and are not doing that. These are Stupid Men. We need people working for animal control that understand animals are helpless and need our help to survive. It is not like a dog or cat can run down the street to the 7-11 and grab a coke when they are thirsty or a bag of chips if they are hungry. I also understand about unwanted animals but does that give us the right to just stave them to death, would you have us stave all the orphans in this world they are unwanted children.


Did the lady ever find her cat?


Hello thank you for your question concerning my kitty Jack.
The Answer is NO, my baby Jack is still out there, or maybe not after seeing those animals in the bed of that old truck.
I took alot of those photos myself, as well as did Jerry.
He was a vital part in helping me get this story to light,
I am still searching and praying that he has not met such a cruel fate. He was a beautiful boy, and was a sweet kind baby.
I wish more than nothing but the truth. It wasnt my fault he got out, I have had him since the day he was born on Good Friday 13 years ago, and I loved him so dearly.
According to the PA Animal Control they are sticking with their story that Jack got away. I hope he did. But still, I have been searching down in PA every day and night. I am offering a cash reward for his return. I know its dangerous, to be down there at night, however I refuse to give up hope until I find out otherwise. I may have to got to court to get them to tell a judge under oath what really happened. Until then there is no closure for me. Alls I know is that he was sedated, and supposdely he jump out at the shelter. He got away. So I have been doing searches everyday, by foot, door to door, going into vacant buildings, trying to find him. He has a special natural talent of of detecting my seizures. I have a seizure disorder due to a brain tumor. He has been so helpful and is vital to my life. He has brought much joy and happiness to me as well.
Im still looking for him. If anyone finds him Iam offering a reward.
Thank you all for your concern and support.
Your Prayers are much needed at this time.
Thanks and much Peace to all,
Most Sincere, ~fran


Did the lady ever find her cat?

No she has not found her

No she has not found her cat...Its probably roaming around my neighborhood walking on the top of my car leaving prints as we speak.....




Thank you, I couldnt have said it better myself!
Amen to that!





I, a normal person, I who Lost one Cat, I whos cat (unfortunately) got picked up by PA A/C, I owner goes picks up cat, I finds out Pet has jumped out of truck, I want answers, I get no answers, I go searching for my own answers, I who still has no answers, I who discovered decomposing bodies in a bed of an old truck, I who saw cages of very adoptable animals that were starving to death, I who told the story, and I who got a witness, and I who got someone to listen to me.......
None of this would be happening if this was just about my missing Cat, so what are you so confused about?
There is more to the story, and that is the inhumane manners in which they treat animals. It has nothing to do with my missing cat. I have not personally brought up any kind of charges against this A/C Office. So why is everyone thinking there is something wrong with this story, Well there is, and its called inhumane cruelty to animals, and NOT about what happened to a missing cat.

so now, whats so fishy about that? You got questions?
ask them....and maybe, just maybe if your lucky you will get the PA Animal Control office to answer them.