UPDATE! Horrific and heartless

UPDATE! Horrific and heartless

The search for a lost cat named Jack in the city of Port Arthur led to the discovery of inhumane practices and mistreatment of animals by employees of the animal control department there, an investigation by The Examiner has found.

When Fran Christian realized her 13-year-old cat, Jack, had somehow escaped her apartment July 1, she immediately began a door-to-door search for her beloved pet. In addition to speaking with her neighbors, she contacted the Port Arthur Animal Control to see if they might have captured her feline friend, but she was given a resounding “No” by employees there. But as the search for Jack continued, she learned animal control had indeed picked up her cat after it ran inside another person’s home it likely thought to be its own.

Christian said when she spoke with that homeowner, she was told an animal control officer attempted six times to sedate her cat with a dart but kept missing. When he finally hit Jack in the paw, the animal went down and he put it in his truck and left.

Having heard that story, Christian went to animal control and asked about Jack and was told the department had not captured her cat. But she knew that wasn’t true and dialed a phone number the woman said she called when Jack ran inside her home. That’s when the phone rang inside the building. Christian said an animal control officer finally confirmed her cat was captured but the animal had escaped as the officer was trying to get it out of his truck.

“How can a sedated animal escape?” Christian asked. “It makes no sense but they tell me that my cat is ‘at-large’ like he is a criminal or something.”

Christian said she contacted Mayor Bobbie Prince’s office, which directed her to Lawrence Baker, the director of Port Arthur’s Community Services Department, who oversees animal control. She said Baker was rude to her but said he would find out about her cat – and he told her the same story she received from animal control – Jack was at-large.

So, every night since Jack allegedly broke out of the pound, Christian and her sister have walked the streets of downtown Port Arthur calling for Jack in hopes that he will come out from where he is supposedly hiding.

She said she had been to the shelter many times and each time she noticed a foul odor from the area where the animal control trucks were parked behind the building, but she thought the department might be using dead fish to trap cats and other animals.

On Tuesday, July 12, at about 9:45 p.m., Christian said the gate was unlocked so she and her sister went inside the fenced-in area behind the building. She said she didn’t find Jack but what she discovered was gruesome and disturbing. Since she had already contacted The Examiner seeking help in dealing with animal control, she called the reporter and asked what to do.

“I couldn’t look at it,” Christian said. “It made me sick to my stomach.”

When the reporter arrived about 30 minutes later, he was immediately overcome with the stench of rotting animals. Christian and her sister directed him to a dark blue pickup truck parked near a wooden fence that was the source of the odor. When he looked in the bed of the truck, he observed the skeletal remains of at least four cats, two dogs and other animals that were covered in maggots and flies. As he walked around the truck, he could also see where the bodily fluids of the animals were leaking through the rusty truck bed and dripping onto the ground.

Since the group was inside the fenced area, they looked around and also found at least six small cats and a dog locked in cages without food or water that were crying out. One of the kittens had been put into the cage with an extension cord wrapped around its neck. And in the bed of another truck, they found a live raccoon that had been caught in a trap and placed next to a caged baby kitten no more than a few weeks old. Neither of those animals had been provided food or water and both were less than 10 feet from the pile of dead, rotting animal carcasses in the other truck.

At that point, the reporter went to the Port Arthur Police Department and spoke Sgt. S.L. Davis asking him to check on the animals that were still alive. When Davis arrived at animal control, he appeared shocked at what he saw and said the animals were being treated cruelly. He contacted police dispatchers and asked them to contact Baker.Before leaving, Davis told the newspaper that Baker was sending his senior animal control officer – Ervin Thomas – to the scene in order to take care of the problem.The Examiner obtained a copy of a memorandum Sgt. Davis wrote early Wednesday morning to PAPD Major Raymond Clark, which states, “I advised him (Baker) that someone would need to come out and at least take care of the live animals tonight as it was cruel for them to be left in that type of state.”

When Thomas arrived at the animal control office, the reporter began asking him questions about how more than a half-dozen cats and a dog could be left without food or water or how the baby kitten and the raccoon could be locked in the bed of a pickup truck.

His reply was the animals in the cages were “animals that people come and drop off when we aren’t here.”

But the next day Baker told the newspaper the gate is supposed to be locked, which would prevent such a practice. He told the newspaper he was upset because he wasn’t aware the department hadn’t replaced a $5 lock that was broken. But somehow Thomas found a working lock when he chained the gate closed to keep the reporter out of the fenced area.

Thomas continued explaining that the animals were put into the cages by people who didn’t want them and they had done so by entering the fenced area, opening the cages and putting the animals inside all between the time officers left for the day at 5 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. when Christian and her sister contacted the newspaper.“Exactly; they can drop off animals at any time,” he said. “Hey, we come here all the time and we may have (sic) full, full of stuff.”

At that point the reporter asked if a video camera pointing toward the back fence was functioning and Thomas said it was; however, the reporter was later told by Baker the camera system “hadn’t worked in some time.”

When asked about the dead animals in the truck, Thomas said, “That is our landfill truck. The animals that we euthanize, they go to the landfill.”

But Thomas changed his story when asked why the animals were just left to rot in the truck.

“Those animals are already dead,” he said. “These are animals we picked up dead off the road. That is the landfill truck. We air that truck up (the truck had a flat tire) every time we get ready to move it.”

He didn’t have an answer when asked about another animal carcass that was found rotting in an alcove area next to the rear door of the animal control building. That animal had obviously been there for a while as the concrete was stained from where the animal had decayed.

At that point, Thomas accused the reporter, who was standing in the alley behind the facility, of trespassing and he called the police.

“You know you are trespassing,” he said. “You don’t have anything. It don’t mean nothing, whatever you are trying to do.”

A short time later, Sgt. Davis returned to the facility and told Thomas there was nothing he could do to stop the reporter from taking photos because no laws were being broken. He also indicated the same in his memo to Odom.

“I was called back over by Mr. Thomas who was upset that (the reporter) was taking pictures,” Davis wrote. “I explained to Thomas that as long as (he) did not interfere with him doing his job, there was nothing I could do about (him) taking pictures. I left the scene. I just wanted to advise you of this, as I am sure it will be in The Examiner next week.”

It took Thomas more than 20 minutes to stop talking on his cell phone before he gave food and water to the animals in the cages. An hour later, he finally did the same for the caged kitten in the pickup, but he did so only after he positioned the truck so the reporter couldn’t get a photo of him putting a cord around its neck and dragging it out.Thomas is no stranger to controversy or to The Examiner. In February 2008, the newspaper exposed how he used a .22 caliber rifle to kill what he said was a viscous 13-inch tall dachshund. That incident led to a policy change regarding the use of firearms by animal control officers.

After hearing the chain of events and being shown a number of photos, Baker said he was extremely concerned. He promised a “full investigation” and that he would get to the bottom of the matter.

“First, I would like to thank you for bringing this issue to my attention,” he said. “We are concerned that all of the animals are taken care of properly. That is why last night when I got the call, I am very upset that the gate was open and that based on the information that was given to me that things weren’t done properly. We are looking into that matter to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. He said the lock they were using was broken and they hadn’t replaced it. I have addressed that and we are in the process of getting a lock so that won’t be the case anymore.

“I am trying to find out where the animals came from and how they got there. Once I get that information, I will have a better feel for what happened, how it happened and we will put whatever precautions or safeguards in to avoid that from happening in the future.”

Baker said proper protocol is that animals are to be placed in bags and put into a freezer until they are transported to the landfill. But he said he was told the freezer was too full to hold the large yellow Labrador that was seen decaying in the back of the pickup. However, a photo taken that evening shows the freezer contained only a couple of animals and would have easily contained the Labrador and the other animal remains.

“Usually we freeze them overnight and bring them to the landfill, but yesterday the landfill was closed because of the rain,” Baker said. It was not immediately known if the landfill was closed on Tuesday.

Port Arthur City Manager Steve Fitzgibbons said there was no excuse for the animals being treated the way they were. He said the supervisor who works at the animal control office has been out since Friday, and he wants to know if she was aware of the conditions.

“Why would they leave dead animals on that truck for very long? Just the stench would be terrible,” he said. “I don’t have all the information at this time. We have a lot to look at but in any event this should not have been the case. We need to find out what we can find out regardless of whether it was before she (the supervisor) was out on Friday. It shouldn’t have happened but it would be interesting to see how long these practices and procedures have been happening.

“That is a serious, serious issue. The animals that are dead are dead, but when it comes to those that are alive, they need to be treated in a humane manner.”

The situation also struck a nerve with a Port Arthur City Councilmember, who reached out to the newspaper after hearing about the conditions at the animal control department.

“It isn’t right, and we are going to make sure it is addressed,” said Councilman John Beard. “I will not tolerate this.”

Councilman Bob Williamson was also angry over the matter and sent the following e-mail around noon Wednesday.

“I wanted to personally thank you for investigating this incident and bringing your discovery to our attention,” he wrote. “You have obviously uncovered intolerable conditions and you rescued some animals from a terrible fate. I also extend my thanks to that person who alerted you. This news is indeed troubling. I intend to be certain that we identify all those who are responsible for this and hold them accountable. I also intend to be certain that we pursue a permanent remedy with all speed.”

Christian said she feels some comfort knowing the city appears to be taking the issue seriously but she is still grieving over the loss of her pet. She said she doesn’t believe Jack escaped and fears animal control officers are lying to her about his fate. She said she is afraid her friend of 13-years was euthanized and throw in among the rotting corpses of other animals tossed in the back of the truck at animal control.



Its been a difficult road for

Its been a difficult road for me personally, and its nice to know people will stick their necks out or voice thier opinions for what they beleive in. Thank You so much. I have been holding out hope that the Investigations in the day to day workings of PA Animal Control would bring about change and disciplinary actions. how to remove a mole


Those problems started when Pat Laverne lazy self took control of that position of supervisor in animal control.

As an animal lover myself, if Jack was getting love from home, as a cat especially, he wouldn't leave the "safety" of home. I had a cat and tried to put her outside so she can be free and she stayed by the door until the morning. Poor Jack probably was getting its ass kicked all over the home and then getting shot by animal control...R.I.P. Jack!

Age old blame shift!!!!

I'm sick you sosay animal lovers! If you love animals as you claim then why was animal
Control involved? It's not their job to catch my animal for me.
People always want animals that they can't control.
If you don't have the proper restraint on your animal such as
Cages, leashes etc. Then you shouldn't have a pet.
This woman should be fined by the city, for letting her cat run loose. After all if we were responsible they would be no need for animal control. This is a witch hunt!
Port arthur is overrun with strays from people who can't control their pets. If the animal can't be controlled then its not a pet cats especially!
These animal control guy have to clean up our mess and when something goes wrong we are ready to crusify!
The reporter from this weak newsletter should try putting upwith the public and their animals.
I am a real animal lover, i treat them like my kids.
I wouldn't let them roam the streets as I wouldn't let my kids.
My point is this lady and people like her are the reason for
animal control, still don't know the reason we need the Examiner!!!

Charges should be filed against these morons!!!!

WTH?!!!! Every single person who knew of these conditions should be charged in a court of law with animal cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is PETA in cases like this?!!!! I'm FUMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The animal control people in Port Arthur are telling so many lies that they can't keep up with them. 'Heads need to roll'. Some should go to jail.
I would bet anything they euthanized Jack and are lying about it. Just like they are obviously lying about every thing else.

I have had some dealings with the city of Beaumont animal control people. In my opinion these people are extremely 'cold heartd'. I got the impression that they have absolutely no compassion what so ever.
I sincerely hope the Examiner continues to follow up on the type of situations.

The defenseless need an advocate.






So Typical. The actions of

So Typical. The actions of these "actors" warrant indictments. If I EVER find Dollar HE WILL be going to his rightful home. More than likely these cowardice "actors" killed him out of sheer unqualified ignorance...

By the way....

what about this frickin economy?


Hello Everyone,
I wanted to post a comment today to say Thank You to all you wonderful people, who have been so understanding and kind to me during this trying time. I am only one person, and I am trying to bring awareness to all cities and communities that this is a real issue, and a real problem.
I know the issue at hand here is not my baby Jack, but He is still not home, and I still do not know what became of him (regardless of Mr. Lawrence Baker's statement in this weeks Examinier followup artical) that they keep good records. If that is true, why cant I get a straight honest answer as to what happened to Jack once they picked him up? Mr. Baker himself told me personally that for whatever reason, No they did not log or document Jack.....and who can forget his infamous last words to me, "Jack, is still at-large!".
I am terribly sad today for its been 4 weeks without any news or answers about Jack. You can only imagine the pain I am feeling at this time. It is a Real pain, and I cant hardly breath.
I thank you all for your prayers and lovely comments on my behalf and Jacks behalf.
I have been holding out hope that the Investigations in the day to day workings of PA Animal Control would bring about great change and/or disciplinary actions. However, sadly after reading the update article in this weeks Examiner I have little faith any real actions will ever take place by the city officials. Some Clorox, Lysol, and the removal of the animal bodies took care of that.
I just wished you all could have witnessed what I did firsthand, and you would all understand what great pain I have in my heart for not only Jack, but all the other animals that suffered. Had I discovered the bodies of the animals way before that faithful night, I would have let all the animals loose, for they would have stood a way better chance at life, even if on the streets, or at the very least, been able to fend for themselves for food elsewhere.
Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray that society will recognize that this is not just an issue here in Port Arthur, but all over the world.
Also, and if I may as be so kind to ask, please continue to pray for Jack, or at the very minimum, or for me to get some answers. My heart is breaking, and I dont know what to think or believe anymore.
But its comments from kind people like you that give me the strength to carry on.
Many Blessings & Peace to All!
Most Sincere, Fran

Jack & Fran

Fran I can honestly relate to your pain, anger & frustration. I had two of the sweetest ridge back laborder/pit mix dogs that mysteriously went missing about 4 months ago. I am still grieving their loss. I did exactly what you & your sister had done, visited and called my local animal control several times, spent hours on petfinder & pet locator websites from Houston to Louisiana to no avail. I am an active animal advocate & have been for quite sometime. I'm currently working on a couple of projects for the Southeast Texas area to bring about awareness of animal rights and a system to assist with immeadiate response to lost or stolen pets. I will keep you & Jack in my prayers.


Pam Jolivet


Dearest Pam, Thank you love for your kind words of support.
I cant thank you enough. Im glad someone else knows the pain Im in not only for Jack, but for all the animals.
I have been searching as well on the web and through pet finders, etc, and even talked to a few Intuitives and animal communicators, Im desperate. I dont know what is worse, knowing he got away and may be hungry and wandering the streets of PA or knowing that he was actually put down. As sad as it would be, If they would just be truthful about what happened to him, I could move forward, and stop my endless searching. I WILL NOT stop searching until I know for sure what became of him. I do think if it was divine spirits will that his life be spared in order to save many other animals, I will just have to come to terms with that. Although it would be an honorable thing he done, it doesnt ease the pain and hurt any less. I thank you for being an animal activist, the whole case and point here is to raise awareness in all communities around the world.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to post such a lovely comment.
And for continuing to pray that I can find answers or that Jack will come home. I am hoping the city will implement some positive changes within the system,
Many Blessings & Peace,
~Fran & Baby Jack

Poor Poor Fran

Fran, One question for you. When you came across those poor animals that were left without food or water, did you attempt to give them any food and/or water, since you and others, namely the police officer that escorted you and you friend seem to be such animal lovers. They say when you point one finger at another you have three pointing back at yourself. Anyway, just a thought

Re: poor poor fran...

Cindy, to address your comment,
This case here is Not about poor,poor Fran, or even poor,poor Jack for that matter, it should be about the Poor, Poor Animals.
To answer your question, YES, I did happen to feed those animals that night! However this is NOT about me feeding these animals, It wasnt my responsibility to do so. But, I did anyhow. I always carried a bag of treats, and dry food with me when I was looking for Jack each night, because if Jack was ever hiding in the house at home, if he would hear me shake the treat container or bag of food he would always come running. So when I looked for Jack each night, I always carried a baggie full.
Even though, I was not being paid a salary to feed the animals nor to take care of them I did so anyway. However out of the goodness of my heart, and for the animals I fed them with what little I brought along each night.
If your so worried rather I, the reporter, or the Police Department fed these poor starving animals after making my gruesome discovery that night, why dont you address this question to the people who The City of Port Arthur (and the tax payers) hired and paid to do this very thing, but sadly didn't.
Blessings to all the poor starving animals of the world.

missing cat

do not let them discourage you. I to am a animal lover i pray you find Sam safe and sound.


Thank you Anonymous commenter for taking the time to post your opinion. I truly appreciate your support. I am too praying maybe Jack did get away, and he's still alive. But either way its a sad thing for me to deal with. By now most people know about this story, and I am hoping through this senseless situation something good and positive will take place, and the laws governing these city run animal control offices will impliment some positive changes for all our little animal friends. Also,I think it would be magnificent to start hiring people who actually love and care about these defenseless animals, that really would be a good thing.....
Blessings to All,

Yes, she called me

First, there was no way for her to give them food or water as the building was locked and there was not a hose that I recall. I instructed Fran to leave and that I would be there immediately to ensure the situation was addressed.
Once I arrived and she showed me what was going on, I contacted the police and they contacted the supervisor of animal control. That is when animal control officer Erwin Thomas arrived and talked on the phone for nearly an hour before looking after the animals in question. As this week's follow-up details, he is the one who put, at least, one of those animals into the cages without food or water. It is my understanding the criminal investigation could include the option of polygraphs but I have not been told what tactics PAPD will use to continue its investigation. However, if you read this week's follow-up closely you will see there are several inconsistencies on just how the animal shelter came to be in the condition that it was in.

Fran, I am so very sorry that

Fran, I am so very sorry that you still do not have your Jack. I continue to keep you and your sweet Jack in my prayers.
And yes, the cover-up has begun at City Hall and Animal Control. Amazing what a telephone call along with chlorox, Lysol, and dumping animals will do to a place, huh? But that really shouldn't surprise us. Mr. Baker, along with that Thomas guy, can change story after story to save their hides. I am going to personally go down and request copies of some of the records they claim that they keep. Yeah, right. They can abuse, torture, and lie. Mr. Baker should have been doing his job and perhaps some of the suffering that these innocent animals endured would not have been so severe.
To PA Animal Shelter, lies are the name of the game down there and then it carries on to City Hall. As it was said a few days ago, these people can lie all they want-who is going to tell on them, our beloved animals?


Thanks so much Ann, you have been kind and wonderful.
It is so hard NOT knowing.....
I just wish they would tell me the honest truth, for if they did it probably wouldnt even suprise me.
I pray for all the animals that were treated like a piece of trash.
It would help me tremendously if they would just tell me what happened to Jack, but until then I will just have to keep the faith, for Jack and/or for answers.
May God continue to bless you and your family & Pets,
Most Sincere-fran

P.A. Animal Control

I had a very bad experience with P.A. Animal control about 15 years ago, obviously the same rude people are still working there. They needed to be exposed, city officials just turn a blind eye to problems like this until there is an article in the paper. You might want to look into Groves Animal Control also, since your on a roll.

Does anyone know if ASPCA has

Does anyone know if ASPCA has been contacted? I will say this, if I see anything going on like this............I am taking names, numbers & license plates. The animal lovers have our eyes on you & you know who you are!!!!


you are right they do not want to tangle with ASPCA I always said we need animal cops here they do a wonderful thing.

After you take names numbers

After you take names numbers and license plates, it's time to kick ass and call roll. Take no prisoners. Cruel and inhumane treatment of any animal should be a felony, and those guilty of that should be subjected to the same treatment. I HATE injustice, especially to an undeserving animal who can not defend themselves.




YES! I have been given the information that they have been contacted, as has PETA, and the appropriate messures will be followed through.
Thanks for your concern and voice into this matter,
We as Animal Lovers have to stick together to make a change.
Blessings, ~Fran & Baby Jack

Just to give you the update

Just to give you the update for today, July 28, I shared the horrible story with my son in Dallas. PETA has also been contacted. This horrible story has spread in North Texas. Port Arthur is becoming well-known but sadly, for the wrong, sad reason.
Whatever it takes, we are on a mission to end these inhumane practices at the Port Arthur Animal Shelter once and for all.

update....from Rob

Thank You so much Rob, for updating me, and the public.
I appreciate your kindness & continued support. We as a community need to band together to help the defenseless animals. Thanks for updating us on PETA and The Dallas area. I personally have friends rallying there as well. The story has been In The Dallas Tribune, The Orange Hedghog, The San Antonio News, and hopefully within the next few days the story will most likley be on AOL & The Huffintgton Post. I was contacted today, but will find out tommorrow. And will update everyone of that.
Its sad as you stated, that PA A/C is getting recognized for such atrocities for what really has been more of a (Kill) Shelter than a Humane shelter. And maybe through all this other cities and states will take notice of their own city funded shelters, and bring awareness all communities all over the world. This whole situation is a sad one, especially for me personally. I have been extremely sad today, knowing that as of tommorrow, Jack will have been missing for 4 weeks. It frightenends me to the core knowing I may never see him ever again, nor will I ever find out what happened to him. I still have not given up hope for I do believe in miracles. I hope out of all this negativity comes something good. I feel as though It was GODS will or DIvine spirits will that Jacks life be spared to save his fellow animal friends. Its a good deed, and I am most proud of him for it, however it doesnt ease the pain any less. I hope they will hire a staff that actually loves animals, and whom have compassion on them even if they have to be put to sleep. There is no need to treat animals inhumanely even after death. A normal person whouldnt throw a loved one's corspe in the back of an old pick up to decompose in the heat, then why didnt these workers have any sense of mind to do the right thing by them, by god let them have a little diginity.
May God Bless All,
Sincerely, Fran Christian


I contacted them and they said that they had already received some complaints regarding PA Animal Shelter. Sadly, they do not handle Port Arthur (this city would keep them busy 24/7). They suggested that we either contact the Animal Control Offier - who I explained to ASPCA that they were the guilty parties who allowed this animal abuse to occur in the first place. They then suggested that if the Port Arthur Police dropped the ball on the case, to then contact the Sheriff's department.
We all need to join efforts in making sure this case is not "pushed aside" or forgotten about.

I see nothing has changed

I see nothing has changed with the Animal Control in Port Arthur...NOR WILL IT CHANGE. It's been my experience that these people are rude beyond belief and they would rather climb a tree and lie to you than to stand on the ground and tell the truth.

EVERY ONE OF THEM SHOULD BE FIRED! The unemployment rate here is through the roof and I'm sure we would have no problem replacing them with capable and compassionate employees who would welcome the job.

Would the new people like to

Would the new people like to put down all the dogs that no one has clamed

would the new people like ....poster

If you give the animals a chance to be at least be adopted out,
I can almost bet half of them or at the very least, a few of them could find homes. There is no need to put every single animal down, just because you dont want to go through the time & trouble in trying to place them in homes. Its unfortunate, but every animal is not going to find a home and will have to be put down, but my GOD give them a chance!

Ok you have 20 kennels to

Ok you have 20 kennels to work with all are full. The State Of Texas says you must keep them 72 hours. You have ACO picking up stray dogs. OK what do we do now. Start putting them down to make room for the new ones. Do you really know what its like to stick a needle in the vain and put one down when they are looking at you ???

okay you have 20 kennels

Yes it would be a hard thing to handle on a day to day basis.
However, If its that bad or sad, (inwhich it is) and someone becomes so desensitized themselves for doing it on a day to day basis then they should find a different Job. No matter how many animals have to be put down, there is ABSOLUTLEY NO EXCUSS TO DISPOSE OF THEIR BODIES IN THE MANNER THAT THEY WERE! ...for example in backs of old pick up beds, in rooms just lying on a floor, until there is only bones left. There is no excuse for this behaviour whatsoever!!!

I totally agree with you! I

I totally agree with you! I have rescued more animals than I can count on my hands & they make the best pets.Why? Because they are so thankful to have a home that someone cares for them. It breaks my heart to hear & see all the animal cruelty.I am doing what I can to help these animals survive but I can't do it alone. So come on people please help us & pay no mind to the cold-hearted.


Thank You Dorothy, for your voice on this matter,
I personally was afraid of the same thing you are speaking of. They did a quick clean-up of the dead animals, and tidy-up the place within a 24 hour period. For two weeks I smelled the stinch, each and everytime I was down there. I never thought to look in the bed of the old truck until that faithful night. This issue of animal abuse and or cruely did not happen overnight, although they want the public to believe that. They said the dead bodies were there because the deep freeze was full, but I was there and witnessed pesonally there was more than enough room for all the dead animals and then some. If Jack did die at the hands of these cruel individuals, my biggest fear would be that all they were required to do was do a quick tidy up job, and move forward, Within less than 24 hours of my horric finding, and when the story hit the media, the deathbed truck was already gone, gates were put up over the caged areas, and that very night when I drove past the back of the building as I had did everyday for 2 weeks, it smelt way better than it had for the past several weeks.
I'm hoping it will take a lot more than just a bottle of bleach or can of febreeze to clean this system out. Lets hope that someone is held responsible for these cruel attrocities.
I hope that this story will bring awareness to all communites in the area, and demand answers. God forbid anyone eles's pet getting loose by accident for any reason, for it might very well be the last time you will see them.
Blessings To All, ~Fran


I read this article and my heart just about stopped. I grew up in the Port Arthur Area and my parents rescue animals. This is a terrible thing to read and definitely a set back for Port Arthur. I would be so upset if one of my or my parent's animals came up missing and thought that their fate possibly resided with the Port Arthur Animal Shelter... good as gone as far as I'm concerned (after reading this article). What a terrible thing to have to think about and acknowledge. It is stories like this that make people talk so terribly about Port Arthur-- of course, I agree that this could happen anywhere-- and no other shelters have had anything like this. It sure is a wake up call to the shelters of other areas-- clean your acts up if it is anything like this. I have never been a big believer in calling the "pound" anyway, I guess- I think it is our responsibility as citizens to do what is best for all of the people/animals of our community. And according to this article, that does NOT include taking them to the pound! My prayers go out to Fran for her lost Jack. I don't think it is good to wish anyone to lose their jobs over things, but this is a no-brainer. Do we really want people running our animal shelter that do not even have the common sense to pick up a decaying animal and dispose of it properly or to not feed starving animals or even make starving, helpless, animals sit so close to rotting, dead animals? No we don't. This is majorly frowned upon and I am very disappointed in this situation. I am very glad that Port Arthur Officials are concerned about this and plan to take action. That is wonderful-- so many times, through my parents' animal rescue, I have heard stories where absolutely NOTHING is done about things like this, but Port Arthur seems to be just as shocked as we all are. Thank you for working to remedy this problem-- we cannot make up for what we all know-- but we can work to make a change.


Hello Poster,
Thank you for taking a moment to post your opinion.
I cant thank you enough for your kind words and concern.
I have the upmost confidence that the City Officials of Port Arthur, and The PA Police Department & The SPCA will conduct a thourough Investigation into this terrible finding.
I know alot of people are trying to direct blame and negative attention on me and My lost baby Jack, However it is NOT really the issue at hand here. For the life of me I cant understand why people can be so cruel. Some of the posters on this board are stating I was out of town, that is a complete false statement, and it is NOT true. Im distraught over this whole ordeal just as much as most people and animals lovers are, and wished I had not uncovered what I did. I only wanted to find my Jack, but instead I stumbled upon a horrible cruel thing. I dont why God & Universe chose me or chose Jacks disappearance to bring this story to light, but I guess it was meant to be.
I wish NO one any negativity, I just want Justice to be served for all the poor animals, (Jack included), and the people who are directly involved in this case.
Please continue to keep Jack in your prayers, for as of this day I still dont know what became of him, nor do I know if he suffered the same fate as the other animals,
Many Blessings,

Animal Control In Port Arthur

Fran, I cannot tell you how my heart breaks for you. To lose your beloved pet--a friend with an unconditional love.
Sadly, nothing in this story surprises me about the "famous" Animal Control of Port Arthur. There is about one decent person down there. And then you have that Thomas guy. I have heard and seen too many horror stories about him. But City Hall allows him to remain employed using our hard-earned tax dollars. It it time for citizens of Port Arthur to come to the defense of our innocent animals. Too many times, these animals are abused by their owners, only to end up in the hands of people who throw wires around their necks or whatever object they can find so they won't be hurt. Why would a city hire someone to take care of animals and all the while, they hate them?
As far as animal control people go, their rudeness is nothing new. Most of them could care less if you've lost your beloved pet. They say they hold an animal for 2-3 days before "putting it down". That is not true. Usually, if they pick up an animal in the morning, that poor innocent animal is dead by the afternoon. Seems like they get a thrill out of killing them. The sad part of it, is that they can lie. Who will turn them in? --our beloved animals? Most animal shelters try to find homes for the animals--not this one!
I hope everyone contacts the Houston ASPCA and the Humane Society. Everyone should know what really goes on. I hope and pray that Port Arthur City officials will take this matter seriously--this one will not go away quietly. All of the employees involved in this should be charged to the max with animal cruelty.
Fran, I am sorry that you had to make this horrible discovery but I thank you. And also to the reported who stepped up and made the story come to light.
God bless you both and God bless your beautiful Jack. You are all in my prayers.


Dear B Ann,
Thank you for such kindness and support by taking the time to voice your opinion on this horrible matter.
I appreciate all the prayers I cant get at the moment. As of this current day still there has been no signs of Baby Jack, and the thought of never seeing him again frighteneds me so badly. The cruel attacks and blame people feel and been putting towards me are hard to take. If in the end God & Universe chose Jacks life as a sacrifice to help all his animal friends, then I will just have to accept that was his life path and fate. But although this would be a wonderful thing for him, it still doesnt ease the pain any less. I wished I could see him just once more, for the pain is so bad in my heart, real physical pain. The not knowing if he is scared or still roaming the streets of down town Port Arthur is the most painful, and if he did pass on I wish I could know that too. I cant even begin to describe the amount of guilt I am feeling over not finding him in time before all this happened. But the truth of the matter is, if this was indeed his Divine path, then no matter how much I looked for him it wasnt meant for me to find him for the reason of finding out the horrible things at the animal center. Please, dont get me wrong Jack is my main focus, but there is an even more important issue at hand here which is this cruelty case against the Port Arthur Animal Control. I know I am defending Jack alot and myself here, however I understand there is a much greater issue which is the cruel inhumane ways these animlas have been and were treated by this facility. I Dont want to loose site of what the real concern is here, which is that and not as so much about my story and Jack. God just used Jack & I as a messenger, I dont want anyone on this board to loose site of the real issue at hand, It needed to be found out, and it was, and its up to the proper authorities to do a thourough job into the investigation of this said city facility and its cruel practices. Thank you for your kindness, and wonderful support, it helps me so very much. Days are passing by, and I feel as though as more days pass, the chances are less & less that I will ever be able to find Jack. But as hard as it is Im trying to keep up the faith.
Thanks again.
Many Blessings to You Ann and your family,
Much Peace, ~Fran

Port Arthur Animal Control Facts

There are two separate issues going on here. First, there is what happened at the apartment complex and that could not be helped from my research into this story. Second, if what happened at the animal control officer. This is where things were out of sorts. I personally investigated and photographed the decaying animals and seven starving kittens and a dog. None of these animals had food or water and were locked in cages. The temperature that night was in the 80s. The Port Arthur Police Department stated in its report that leaving the animals in that condition was "cruel."
Additionally, the caged animals were having to smell the decaying animals in the truck located just a few feet away from them. There were numerous policy violations and possible legal issues, as well.
Those are the facts and there will be a follow-up to this story next week in The Examiner.

Get a life dude...and a real

Get a life dude...and a real story...This animal case that you are on is foolishness...someone called u with a story and u jumped at it. This is not like the situation that happened in beaumont. This is Port Arthur and some of us around here do stick together and stand up for what is right.

As in all cases, the ignorant

As in all cases, the ignorant idiots stick together. You must be their poster child.

Man, be quiet. It is a real

Man, be quiet. It is a real story, some of us really care about animals. P.A. animal control has been a problem for many years.

Get a life and a real

Get a life and a real story??? Twit.. A society can best be judged by its treatment of it's weaker members...elderly, children and animals. The Port Arthur animal control has long had a bad reputation. Deservedly so.


Thank You poster for sounding your voice and opinion,
You said it so wonderfully and got straight to the point!
Many Blessings,

The pictures alone show proof

The pictures alone show proof that who ever was in charge there need to be fired and should never be around animals again. Terrible people!! and whats sad about this is it is just not one person.


Hello Kind Poster, thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion on this issue.
For the life of me I dont understand why people feel the need to be so cruel. A lone poster (You) chose to make a comment only about the main issue at hand here, and I appreciate that more than I can say. People are choosing to try and place blame, on me & my lost kitty Jack for the findings at the PA A/C, But the fact of the matter is that has nothing to do with what I discovered while on my quest to find Jack. I was not responsible for these horrible acts, nor was baby Jack.
I wish no negativity to anyone directly involved in this case, for my only wish is that Justice will be served for all the poor animals, (Jack included). I dont know why God & Universe chose me, and Jack's disappearance to bring this story to light, but I guess it was just meant to be.
I wish it hadnt been me finding these things out, for I only wanted Jack home. It is out of my hands now, and I have the upmost confidence that ALL the proper authorities will conduct a complete and thourough investigations into how all this came to be.
Thanks Again,
Please keep baby Jack in your prayers,for as of this day, I still have no idea where Jack is, Nor do I know the truth if he suffered the same fate as the other poor animals.
Many Blessings your way,
Most Sincere, Fran

Sounds to me like you are the

Sounds to me like you are the one that needs to get a life. Who cares if he jumped on the story so long as the public is aware of whats going on. Its not important that you live in Port Arthur but what is important is that we live in the "UNITED" States and we should all stick together. So take the dark glasses and ear phones off so you can hear and see the truth. Don't be angry at Jerry because maybe you know of someone that may lose their job over this. They get what they deserve!


Apartment Owner..
After being contacted on what I said,I figured I should leave a comment on what happened that day. I had seen the cat sitting on my steps for 2 days and actually walked passed it a couple of times. It seemed friendly to me so I did not think it would harm me if I left it alone. While opening my door the cat ran inside and a contractor saw it and tried to get it out. The contractor took my broom (I had no idea he was going to do so) and swung at it. The cat became really aggressive and irritated and ran into my closet. I had to send my youngest son tavier who is extremely allergic to cats to sit in the car with my sister. I told the man to stop and that I would call animal control to come because I did not want the cat to be hurt. I had no idea the cat was a male; I actually thought it was pregnant because it was a large cat. The animal control worker came and was very polite and explained to me he did not want to hurt the cat. He tried to lease the cat but he became very! Aggressive this is understandable because he was scared. The worker took his time and told me he wanted the cat to calm down before he tried to capture it. After numerous attempts the worker decided to tranquilize the cat before he hurt someone or himself. The worker asked me to go and see if I could find out who the cat belonged to before he had to resort to putting it to sleep. I knocked on three different doors and no one claimed him. He decided it was best to tranquilize it. My closet light was out so he had to be very careful and make sure he shot in the right place because we both where under the impression it was a pregnant cat. He tried to shoot the cat in a place that would not harm the cat. He made 4 attempts and shot the cat in his paw on the fourth. He then picked him up and took him downstairs, I could still hear the cat purring so he was indeed alive. And I saw that he was hit in his paw. I thanked the worker and he left my apartment.
Yes at first I felt the cat was friendly…but he became very aggressive due to being scared and I had to resort to calling animal control. The worker stayed at my apartment for 2 hours because he knew that this was someone’s cat and he did not want to hurt him. I am so sorry I didn’t look harder for jack’s owner and this is a said story.
In Miss Fran’s defense I felt that she was treated poorly in the concern for her cat by whoever answered the phone. I called animal control and did not like the tone of the worker who answered the phone. As for the worker who picked the cat up he was very respectful and concern about the owner of the cat and did not want to leave without knocking on doors to see who it belonged to. I do not know the state of the animal shelter, but I assure you this is what happened I was scared of the cat because he became very aggressive and my 5 year old cannot be around cats. I hope this statement clears some things up and I am deeply sorry about this…

Sincerely TM

wow 2 days on your

wow 2 days on your step??????? This lady must of really not been looking to hard as she says she was if it had been in its home area for that long period of time.. and wow she lies alot about u not being scared of the cat. Cats get very defensive and scared when not in there homes and can become unpredictable ..even if they are a friendly cat.. its there nature.. so I can see where the lady would get scared and feel the need to call for help..

she was out of town!

she was out of town!