Update: Last witness takes stand in Walker trial

Update: Last witness takes stand in Walker trial

Stacy Walker was excused from the witness stand at 11:10 a.m., and both sides rested their case. Closing arguments will be heard beginning at 1:15 p.m. Dec. 13. From earlier today

The last witness was called in the federal prosecution of Calvin Walker, alleging in a 37-count indictment that he defrauded taxpayers by overcharging BISD millions of dollars since 2006. Walker's wife, Stacy Walker, took the stand and testified she sent many of the admittedly altered documents acidentally to the school district in September 2009. She claimed ignorance as to other altered documents provided to BISD before and after that date. According to her, all the evidence against her husband are a series of mistakes. Prosecution was attempting to question the witness about the couple altering tax reurns for 2008. A short recess was called after the defense objected to the questioning.



The defense has been a joke.

The defense has been a joke. I hope the jury doesn't buy into it. The defense basically is "walker is too dumb to know how to account for things". Also, they are trying to say that he had this material in inventory??!!! Really, he keeps a couple of MILLION dollars in inventory??!! And instead of telling BISD the material came out of inventory he submits a fraudulent bill by accident? Oh,and if they went to BISD by accident why did Walker accept payment based on those documents? Lord, I just hope this jury isn't full of a bunch of mushy hearted, gullible people. It is so obvious what he did it would be laughable if it wasn't so much damn money.

They also said he deposited over 2 million dollars (most of it BISD checks) that was used to buy annuities and a mercedes and land (so, that $2 million was ALL PROFIT). How was he able to PROFIT more than 2 million on these jobs if it was supposed to be cost plus 10%? Simple math tells you that he would have had to incur costs of $20 million to generate 2 million of profit!!! Seriously, the people that are trying to defend this guy need to catch a clue!!!

I haven't seen one piece of

I haven't seen one piece of evidence that defends him. If the part about the checks going to the accountant were true, then the accountant would be up there backing it up. My accountant will chew my butt out if I did something as dumb as that, and would not have me as a client. Ignorance is not a defense. Nothing has added up on the defense. Materials have been proven well beyond a doubt they were falsified. If he wanted to atleast look creditable, show where he paid for $189k switch boxes. Everyone would have kept that reciept... even if you "paid cash" for them. Sorry, but I hope the fed pokey was worth it, I don't see not guilty emering from the jury.

Yes...IRS...was wondering

Yes...IRS...was wondering about that too. Wonder if THAT case will involve a plea-out for giving up others involved in this mess? No matter...this is getting good!

Walkers wife admitting she 'accidentally' delivered altered documents says all that needs to be said. That ANY documents were altered whatsoever, especially with tax dollars involved, is the slam dunk 'nail your ass to the wall' act.

People will believe what they want to believe...Stacy Walker believes she personally offered up false docs! I believe her...at least on that quote...not so much about the docs before or after that delivery...but at least on that one.

I was wondering when/if they

I was wondering when/if they were going to bring up his tax returns.

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