UPDATE: Natural gas leak in Orange County

UPDATE: Natural gas leak in Orange County

Orange County residents displaced due to a natural gas leak at a well site at the end of Gulf Road off FM 408 in the Orangefield area are still waiting to get back into their homes while crews work to make the area safe for their return.

Throughout the night and morning, workers and equipment arrived to the scene of the gas leak, Orange County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Clint Hodgkinson reports. Equipment is being placed and work has begun in an effort to cap off the leak. Officials are unsure of an exact time frame of when to expect the leak to be repaired, but say it could take several more days.

Entergy was asked to shut off electricity in the area of Gulf Road. All precautions are being taken to protect the personnel working on the leak and those living around the area. The only areas evacuated at this time are Gulf Road and Scales Lane. Residents who were evacuated from that area will continue to be displaced until an all clear is given, and it is safe to return home. Plans are in place to make notifications to surrounding residents should a larger area need to be evacuated in an emergency.

The Orange County Emergency Management has set up an incident command post on site. Local officials with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Bridge City Fire Department, along with state officials from the Texas Railroad Commission and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality are also on site overseeing the operation.

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