UPDATE: Stafford man dies after flipping vehicle while fleeing Orange Police

UPDATE: Stafford man dies after flipping vehicle while fleeing Orange Police

A 30-year-old Stafford man is dead after attempting to flee the scene of a routine traffic stop in Orange Friday, June 13.

Orange Police conducted a traffic stop on a 2013 Ford F150 on the corner of 16th Street and Link Avenue for a traffic violation. The driver, Terryl Jones, of Stafford, Texas, initially stopped in the turning lane of 16th Street, where the officer made contact, but the man then fled the scene, traveling at a high rate of speed into the city of Pinehurst, said Capt. Cliff Hargrave of Orange Police Department.

"While the officer was standing at the (driver's) window ... the (driver) took off down Link," Hargrave said. "The officer had to run and get back in his car and chase him. The guy turned right, which would be northwest on W. Park, and by the time the officer turned on W. Park, he didn't see him anymore. He kept driving on W. Park and drove up on the accident that had already happened."

The officer located Jones' vehicle overturned in the 3000 block of W. Park.

Hargrave said the driver hit a tree and the vehicle rolled. Jones, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was thrown from the vehicle.

"There's no telling how fast he was going," Hargrave said.

After police searched Jones' vehicle they discovered a possible reason for his fleeing Orange Police.

"There was about 100 packs of synthetic marijuana, 5 or 6 little bags of regular marijuana, and something we think is meth," Hargrave said. "We've got to send it off for testing."

The driver was transported to Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital in Orange by Acadian Ambulance Service and was later pronounced dead.

"He had an address out of Stafford, Texas," Hargrave said. "I don't know if he was down here visiting or what, but he has relatives in Orange."

Hargrave said there were no other injuries in the accident, which remains  under investigation by both  the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Detective Division of the Orange Police Department.