UPDATE:Testimony resumes for fifth day in Walker trial

UPDATE:Testimony resumes for fifth day in Walker trial


As the day came to a close Dec. 9 in the trial alleging Calvin Walker of Walker’s Electric Company defrauded taxpayers and BISD of millions of dollars, Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office financial analysis investigator Les Wardon was under direct questioning pertaining to a Capital One account utilized by Walker's Electric Company. According to Wardon, documents he reviewed were not as they appeared. He will continue to answer questions from attorneys Monday, Dec. 12.

Prior to Wardon taking the stand, jurors heard from multiple witnesses Friday afternoon, including multiple BISD employees, a competitor of Walker’s Electric, and a fraud investigator named Daniel Johnson who was essential in prosecuting Walker in 2002 for altering documents similar to those under review in the current federal case.

Johnson testified that during the course of his 2002 investigation, Walker was alleged to have altered documentation including changing the dates and payees on checks and photocopying his mother’s medical bills as though they were his own for the purpose of obtaining a fraudulent insurance claim from Johnson’s company, Progressive Insurance. Walker entered into a plea agreement regarding the 2002 fraud case and was sentenced to community court supervision and to pay a fine.


Earlier today

Federal prosecutors continued calling witnesses to the stand Dec. 9 as the trial alleging Calvin Walker of Walker’s Electric Company defrauded taxpayers and BISD of millions of dollars.

The majority of the morning focused on testimony given by BISD chief business officer Robert Zinglemann. In a brief filed by prosecution prior to his testimony, Zinglemann was expected to testify, “he negotiated with the defendant for the South Park Lighting project (counts 9 and 30) and that it was to be done under the electrical maintenance contract. Mr. Zinglemann will also testify and introduce documents establishing that BISD receives approximately $36,000,000 of federal funds each fiscal year during the period alleged in the indictment, establishing the jurisdictional element of the 18 USC 666 counts of the indictment.”

Zinglemann told jurors he was a member of a four-man team that inspected South Park to see if all the materials Calvin Walker billed for were used on the site, and according to him, “we were unable to show that it was there.”

As for the up-charges on the materials used for electrical projects performed by Walker that have been proved inflated, Zinglemann said he “would not have authorized those payments, if he knew those numbers were inaccurate.”

Defense attorney Dick DeGuerin focused most of his cross-examination of the witness on the idea that federal funds were not used to pay Walker for the projects in question.



Come on people do you really

Come on people do you really think Mr. Walker is in this all alone? What about the persons in BISD that approved the bills without question? Do they have any "new found wealth"? What about the persons that kept approving all the invoices? If a contractor bills you a million dollars for a service that you normally pay a hundred dollars for do you smile and pay or do you question the bill,,,,,I think we all know the answer, so why did the school district pay, unless the coruption runs deeper than it appears to!!!!!!!!

A Cleansed Soul is Better Than Having No Soul

RESPECTFULLY, regardless of the C Walker trial's outcome, THE QUESTION SHOULD STAND as to whether it is not only reasonable but fair to focus on the persons known and unknown who recruited and partnered with lessor individuals to perpetuate the willful intent and act of pilfering taxpayer funds of a disadvantaged community.

The C Walker case is one of life's lessons to all community members reflecting that it is, at the very least, a civic duty to interact with community affairs by standing up and asking direct questions of the politicos and leaders within the community . . . and holding those community representatives accountable . . . whether it is via the free press and news media pursuing due diligence, the votes cast via the ballot box, or the decision determined via the rule of law.


Whether Walker is convicted or not, BISD has been and continues to be convicted of pure incompetence. That includes a select majority of the Board of Trustees who ignorantly voted not that long ago to extend the option on Walker's contract. The public is not fully aware of the incompetent work (e.g., Annex generator problems) which have cost BISD's taxpayer financially into the $100,000 range. Yet, BISD has footed the repair bills, not Walker, the contractor. The select Board majority simply does not care ... even though it is money out of the very pockets of the people they portend to serve and fight for. Hypocrisy? You bet ... and worse.

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