Vehicle strikes Vidor officer directing traffic

Vehicle strikes Vidor officer directing traffic

A Vidor police officer directing traffic on Highway 12 who was injured after being struck by a vehicle at close to 9 p.m. on Feb. 23 is recovering, reports the Vidor Police Department (VPD).

According to VPD, the officer was directing traffic near the Vidor Middle School in the 2500 block of Highway 12 in Vidor due to a power outage when he was hit. Vidor Police Chief Dave Shows said the heavy wind caused wires on the traffic signal at the intersection of the Middle School and Highway 12 to snap, and the wires were hanging down in the lanes of traffic. 

The officer was transported to Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment with injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening.

VPD reported that the officer was released from the hospital a few hours after the accident, and that he was "sore and bruised" but had no broken bones. A post on the department's Facebook page indicated he would be returning to work in a few days.

Vidor Police Chief Dave Shows said while many drivers were traveling too fast down the highway that evening, the driver of the vehicle that struck the officer was traveling at a very low rate of speed upon seeing the cautionary police lights. 

"I'm just glad the driver had slowed way down, and that (the officer) was okay," said Shows. "He was knocked to the ground. The driver said he never saw him... The intensity of overhead police lights has gone up over the years, and it can be distracting and blinding to people at night. The officer will be back to work Friday. His doctor has already signed a medical release."