Victim refuses to file charges after being shot

Victim refuses to file charges after being shot

A man in Beaumont refused treatment and refused to file charges after being shot as the result of an altercation that was reportedly initiated by the victim in retaliation of an unreported armed robbery on the morning of April 24.

At 12:03 p.m. on Thursday April 24, officers of the Beaumont Police Department were dispatched to 2555 Sweetgum Rd. in reference to a victim of a shooting, police report. Upon arrival, officers located the victim who was suffering from a very minor wound to his right buttock.

According to the victim, he had been robbed at gunpoint earlier this morning, and instead of calling police he decided that he would get his own revenge on the robbers. He apparently knew where they were staying and went there, BPD. However, when he arrived a fight ensued, and he was subsequently shot as he fled the area.

The wound was a superficial grazing shot, and the victim refused medical treatment when EMS got to the scene. The victim was also very uncooperative with the police investigation and refused to file charges, police report.