Vidor continues attempt to collect $1.5 million in outstanding fines

Vidor continues attempt to collect $1.5 million in outstanding fines

The City of Vidor Police Department recently initiated a weekly “most wanted” list with names of individuals who have warrants for outstanding fines with the Vidor Municipal Court, and the city and its enforcers are on a mission to collect more than $1.5 million owed them from recent incidents and going back a decade.

This week, the Vidor Police Department seeks your help in locating the following 10 people that have more than $1,000.00 in outstanding warrants in the Vidor Municipal Court:

   1.  Brandy Joe Adams, W/F, age 37, 5 warrants totaling  $1,982.00

   2. Steve Anthony Aiena, W/M, age 49, 4 traffic warrants totaling  $1,345.00

   3. Cameron Decoy Allen, B/M, age 22, 4 traffic warrants totaling  $1,188.00

   4. John David Allen III, W/M, age 36, 6 traffic warrants totaling  $2,270.00

   5. Lesley Joseph Amos, W/M, age 30, 4 traffic warrants totaling  $1,001.00

   6. Catherine Stanton Ardis, W/F, age 56, 4 traffic warrants totaling  $1,734.00

   7. Orren Brew III, B/M, age 44, 4 traffic warrants totaling  $2,250.00

   8. Ronald Barlow, W/M, age 30, 1 traffic warrant totaling  $1,189.00

   9. Samantha Erin Betros, W/F, age 20, 4 traffic warrants totaling  $1,253.00

  10. Darrell Glenn Boatman Jr., W/M, age 31, 4 traffic warrants totaling  $1,218.00

The city is going alphabetically down a long list of offenders to make their “most wanted” top ten of the week, this week marking the second list, and VPD Police Chief Dave Shows promises, “More will come…lots more.”

Shows said he feels the lists will remind people who may have forgotten that they have outstanding fines and simultaneously act as a catalyst to get people who know they have fines to pay up before they see their names appear on the list and possibly in the news.

“We’ve got a lot of people who need to come in and take care of their business,” says Shows.

Shows asserts that the money collected will go to the city, but calls it “dead money,” which in poker refers to the amount in the pot contributed by players no longer eligible to win it, because it is money that has already been spent on city time and manpower related to initial violations and subsequent warrants.

To check the warrant list go to Visitors to the site will be able to see the charges and fine for each warrant. The warrant list is updated weekly on the website.

Anyone with information regarding the location of any of the subjects on the list should call the Vidor Police Department at (409) 769-4561. According to VPD Sgt. Aleta Cappen, anyone listed who wishes to resolve their warrant or warrants without going to jail may:

·         Call the court office at (409) 769-7452 to be added to the next available docket to appear before a judge.

·         Enter a plea of “no contest” or “guilty” to the violation and pay the warrant in full. Only you or your attorney may enter a plea and pay your violation unless the warrant is a capias profine and a plea has previously been entered.

·         Enter a plea of “not guilty” to the violation, post bond on the warrant, and be placed on the court trial docket.  In certain hardship cases, the Judge may waive the bond.

·         Pay your warrant(s) in full on line at or by calling 1-800-444-1187

In some circumstances, the judge may allow a defendant to set up a payment plan at the window to recall the warrants. Such action would require a down payment of 25 to 50 percent of the defendant’s total amount of outstanding fines at the time the payment plan is initiated. Call the court office at (409) 769-7452 for more information and to inquire about eligibility.