Vidor Council has another member declare resignation

Vidor Council has another member declare resignation

Although Mallie Bickham’s June 23 public outburst and subsequent resignation from his elected duties as a Vidor City Councilman was not made official since he neglected to put his verbal comments on paper, Vidor Council Ward 5 representative Angela Brading’s resignation will be valid as she submitted her wishes in writing.

As reported in the June 29 edition of The Examiner, Vidor City Council has been contentious all month - one councilman making a grand exit during a meeting, Bickham shouting his resignation from the Council podium and inciting the crowd to a grand ruckus, and City Manager Ricky Jorgensen under constant scrutiny and allegations by the elected officials are just a few examples.

Prior to Brading’s resignation, she has come under fire for allegedly living outside of the ward she represents. While Brading said her address has remained unchanged since her bid for office, she also stated she has spent a considerable amount of time in the Dallas area undergoing medical treatment. According to Brading, no local doctors were able to treat her condition.

In her June 30 letter to the “Council, Mayor, and City of Vidor,” Brading defends the legality of her seat on the Council as well as the reason she says she must step down from that post.

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve you this past year,” it reads. “It is with deep regret that I feel I must resign my seat as Councilwoman for Ward 5. I wish I could continue to fight a good fight with you to see you blossom into the town I know you can be, but due to my medical issues, I feel the seat ought to go to someone that can better serve you. I have heard much speculation as to my residence, but I will assure you one and all, according to Election Code 1.015, my legal address is still … E. Freeway, Vidor TX.

“Serving on the City Council has given me a greater respect for all the citizens and I’ve learned to value your voice in all matters pertaining to the city. I feel we have made great strides this past year for the betterment of Vidor. I encourage you to not give up on your new Council as they do have you, the city, in mind as they look for ways to move you forward to becoming a prosperous town. With all prejudice aside, I feel we have made some great strides in this past year. We now have a Chief of Police that not only cares about his officers, but the city as well, while still upholding the law. We now have a Mayor and Council that are willing to work together to see our city improve. We have, and I hope to continue to have, the Clean-up days for the city to make our town so much more beautiful. We also have a committee for the encouragement of any and all that would like to do their civic duties to help make Vidor beautiful.  

“I feel we are pulling together, making strides to see Vidor grow. I trust our Mayor and new Council to appoint someone to fill my seat that is equally qualified to look out for the remainder of my term on Council.  I encourage you all to stay involved and let your voices be heard so there is no denying what you the City wants or feel as though you need. Again, thank you for the opportunity to work for you the City of Vidor and to be able to learn from you all how a City really is supposed to operate.”


Vidor City Charter Section 3.08 states that the remaining members “shall within 10 (ten) days, appoint a qualified person to fill the unexpired term until the next regular election.” The charter also calls for the candidates’ qualifications, which are being a resident of the city for at least a year, not being indebted to the city and being a qualified voter.