Vidor Council member resigns

Vidor Council member resigns

During what was, at times, a heated spectacle of a city council meeting, Vidor City Council Ward 4 representative Mallie Bickham resigned his post on the governmental body.

The announcement came while Council was in the midst of tackling an executive session item to contemplate allegations and possible discipline for City Manager Ricky Jorgensen, which was called into open court by the accused. The deliberations divided the city representatives to the point of aggravation and eventual evacuation. Mayor Ray Long wasn’t present, and Mallie Bickham was acting as Mayor Pro Tem. Other council representatives present were Matt Ortego, Angela Brading, Lynda Courtney, Trey Haney and Brock Galloway.

When the Council failed to reach a consensus on whether to discipline Jorgensen, a stale mate ensued with no motion to dismiss the meeting to go along with no motion to mete out punishment upon Jorgensen.

Haney elected to leave anyway, to the applause and cheers of those in the crowd who were at the meeting in support of Jorgensen. The crowd continued to become increasingly vocal as those who wanted Jorgensen terminated began to likewise sound off. Then Bickham decided he, too, would make an early exit.

Bickham, however, had no intentions of coming back, saying he resigned from the Vidor City Council.  As he made his way from the Council bench, he proceeded to shout accusations at his former fellow Council members, only inciting the crowd more and more.

As chaos erupted in the courtroom, Brading made her way to the gavel and police chief David Shows made his way into the middle of the crowd. It only took a quick pass-through from Shows to clear the room, and also cleared with it was the quorum needed to continue the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.