Vidor to demolish dangerous Dogwood eyesore

Dogwood Drive demo house

The Vidor City Council approved the demolition of a dangerous substandard structure on Dogwood Drive that has reportedly been being trespassed upon by homeless people living in the woods behind the decrepit house.

At a meeting in the Vidor City Hall Council Chambers on Nov. 10, following discussion in executive session, the Vidor City Council voted unanimously to approve the demolition of a house at 1427 Dogwood that is in a serious state of disrepair. The council adjourned during executive session to discuss the execution of waivers by the heirs of the property, and quickly returned to approve removal of the dangerous building.

“It has been being used by people who live in the woods behind the house,” Vidor City Manager Mike Kunst told The Examiner. “It is very dangerous. We want to have it demolished for the safety of our citizens.”

Kunst said he is concerned for the safety of the homeless people using the structure, which could collapse.

A trip to the dilapidated dwelling reveals numerous safety hazards. Trash such as discarded underwear, food wrappers and Coke bottles, both new and old, clutters the yard. Visitors of the property must navigate through debris, like fallen sheetrock, exposed nails, and wooden beams. Steel drums brimming with garbage stand behind the structure. Evidence of recent fires – ash and char in a circular pattern in the back yard – remains. A makeshift clothesline has been placed between a tree and the fence.

Kunst said the city’s Pride and Progress initiative, meant to bring in new residents and ultimately new businesses to Vidor, is making headway in cleaning up the city.

“This is a step in the right direction,” Kunst said of the pending demolition.

Pride and Progress offers tax incentives to developers and is steadily ridding the city of dangerous, substandard structures like the one on Dogwood.

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