Vidor man arrested in officer-related shooting

Vidor man arrested in officer-related shooting

According to reports from Orange County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Sgt. Chad Hogan, the agency received a call about 3:30 a.m. Sept. 1 that consequently ended with a detective's firearm being discharged.

The caller reported a burglary in progress at the Super Stop Convenient Store located at 2590 North Highway 105 in Vidor.

“An on-duty sheriff’s office detective was in the area and responded to the location,” Hogan stated. “On arrival, the detective located the subject who was attempting to burglarize the store.

“The detective gave several verbal commands to the suspect, who refused to cooperate. The detective attempted to facilitate a lawful arrest when the subject became combative. The suspect then charged at the detective with a claw hammer at which time the detective tased the suspect. The Taser apparently did not affect the individual as he pulled the Taser leads out of his body and continued to resist arrest.”

At that point, the situation escalated, he said.

“The detective tried several more attempts to subdue the subject, who was apparently under the influence of an unknown substance,” Hogan stated. He later reported the substance was possibly bath salts. “The detective was able to get him on the ground and was holding him at gunpoint when the suspect reached and grabbed the barrel of the detective’s weapon and a struggle ensued.

“Several commands were given by the detective to release the weapon but the suspect refused. The detective felt in fear of his life as the suspect was gaining control of his weapon. The detective then fired a single shot from the weapon, striking the suspect in the abdomen.”

The suspect, subsequently identified as 32-year-old Vidor resident Kerry Dale Hampshire, was transported to Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital where he was treated for his injury and released to the Orange County Correctional Facility where he has been charged with Attempting to Take a Weapon from a Peace Officer, a third degree felony offense. Bond has not been set at this time. More charges will possibly be filed in the future upon completion of the investigation, Hogan stated.

The sheriff’s office hasn’t released the detective’s name who involved in the shooting, and won’t, according to Hogan, “until the investigation is complete.”

The Texas Rangers, along with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Office, are conducting the investigation.