Vidor man assists officer struggling with suspect

Vidor man assists officer struggling with suspect

A local man was injured while assisting an officer investigating a call reporting a disturbance at a Vidor apartment complex on Aug. 15. The man jumped in to help the law enforcer, who was struggling with a suspect he believed was physically abusing a woman inside the apartment, the Vidor Police Department reports.

Officer Tom Meadows responded to the call about a disturbance at the Twelve Oaks Apartment in the 2400 block of Highway 12 at 12:35 a.m. Meadows reports a caller told police dispatch that it sounded like a male was assaulting a female in an apartment there. When the officer got to the location, he reports, he could hear arguing from inside one of the residences. As he stood close to the door, Meadows states, he could hear a man and woman yelling; he also thought he heard a child inside.

"I heard the male say something similar to, 'I'll give you a reason to call them,'" Meadows wrote. "I believed at this point that the argument was becoming physically violent."

The officer knocked on the door, and a man answered, then immediately tried to slam the door closed, Meadows reports. Meadows pushed the door back with his foot, and the man, later identified by police as 32-year-old Vidor resident Jeremy Todd Castleberry, stumbled backward into the apartment. Then, he allegedly turned on the officer, apparently ready for a fight.

"Castleberry blocked the hallway in an aggressive stance and began to ball his fists," Meadows asserted. "I told Castleberry to get on the ground. He refused."

The officer then reportedly attempted to pull Castleberry to the ground, but the struggling suspect would not submit. Officer Meadows also states in the report that he was unable to deploy his Taser toward Castleberry "due to the fact children and a female were standing behind him."

Two men at the apartment complex saw what was happening and asked the officer if he needed assistance. He said yes, and they leapt into action. One of the men reportedly suffered a hard kick in the ribs during the altercation and was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of the non-life threatening injury. According to Meadows, the injured 18-year-old said he rushed to Meadows' aid when he saw the suspect reaching for the officer's gun. The team of men were able to subdue Castleberry until other officers arrived.

Castleberry was arrested on charges of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, resisting arrest and interfering with police and taken to the Orange County Jail.