Vidor man hides meth in strange places, police report

Vidor man hides meth in strange places, police report

A 22-year-old Vidor man was arrested on Jan. 31 after police reportedly discovered over five grams of methamphetamine he had hidden in various places, including inside his rectum, reports the Vidor Police Department.

According to the report from VPD, officers arrested Jerry Clinton Phillips III after they made the discovery. Initially, reports arresting officer VPD Officer Jesse Loredo, he was patrolling and stopped the man after he observed him staggering around the parking lot of the River of Life Church in the 500 block of West Freeway. Loredo also reports that Phillips appeared to picked something up out of the parking lot there.

When he approached Phillips, the man looked at him and then attempted to walk away in front of a parked truck but eventually stopped, according to Loredo. The officer again identified himself as law enforcement and ordered Phillips to stop. Phillips complied at that point, reports Loredo, and the officer could see Phillips was carrying "a handful of trash and grass clippings" and displayed erratic movements. Loredo described Phillips as having a "wide-eyed stare" and pupils that were non-reactive to light. Loredo stated in his report that he felt the man was intoxicated on an unknown stimulant, possibly methamphetamine.

As Loredo spoke to Phillips, reports the officer, the man kept reaching into his pockets in spite of being told to keep his hands visible. Loredo reports that he gained consent to search Phillips, and that is when he found a black zippered bag in the left pocket of Phillips' hoodie. When officers looked inside, they allegedly discovered a digital scale along with small plastic baggies, a green plastic baggy containing two alprazolam, better known by the brand name Xanax, and a small baggy with a crystal-like substance inside the officers identified as methamphetamine through experience and field tests. Phillips was detained and taken to the Vidor Police Station.

Upon arrival at the police station, Loredo reports that after he assisted Phillips out of the back of the patrol car, he observed a plastic baggy with a large amount of what appeared to be the same crystal-like substance as previously discovered during the search at the scene of his arrest. Officers believed it, too, was methamphetamine. Loredo reports that when Phillips saw he found the baggy he blurted out something about how the officer had arrested a lot of people throughout the day and the baggy was not his, indicating it must have gotten there from an earlier detainee. Loredo explained to Phillips he was actually the first suspect the officer had arrested on that date and told Phillips he knew the drugs were his. According to Loredo, after initial denials the man eventually confessed the baggy was, in fact, his and that he had it concealed inside his rectum at the time he was detained.

At that time, reports Loredo, the officer told Phillips he was being arrested for possession of a controlled substance, penalty groups 1 and 3, for the suspected methamphetamine and for the alprazolam.

Due to his intoxicated state, Phillips was taken to Baptist Hospital in Orange for medical clearance prior to transport to the Orange County Correction Facility. Once he finally got to the jail, officers discovered yet another bag of suspected meth inside Phillips' shoe, reports Loredo, which added another charge for the suspect, possession of a prohibited substance inside a correctional facility. The total amount of suspected methamphetamine found on Phillips, according to Officer Loredo's report, was just over 5 grams.

Orange County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Clint Hodgkinson said Phillips' bond was set at $22,000, and he was released Feb. 4. Because Phillips allegedly possessed more than four grams and less than 200 grams of methamphetamine, a penalty group 1 narcotic, per Texas statute he faces a punishment range between 2 and 20 years and a fine of up to $10,000 just for the single charge relating to the meth, explained Hodgkinson.