Vidor police arrest 12 people in 2 days

Vidor police arrest 12 people in 2 days

Police in Vidor arrested 12 people in two days during two separate incidents in the city.

According to police reports from the Vidor Police Department, officers arrested eight individuals for possession of marijuana March 11 when Sgt. Jesus Loredo stopped at a residence in the 1000 block of Pine Street after seeing a vehicle there protruding into the roadway. When he and another officer approached the house, Loredo reported that he smelled marijuana. When the door to the house opened, he said, the smell was even stronger, and he saw paraphernalia, including a glass bong and a grinder on the coffee table, along with actual marijuana.

Eleven people were at the residence, and eight were arrested. Shawn Patterson, 21; Brandan Polfus, 21; Lucas McCloud, 22; Michael Bourque, 22; Joshua Noe, 21; Russell Sanders, 28; Joseph Underwood, 21; and Gavin Powell, 21 (no photo) were arrested for marijuana possession and taken into custody.

The following day, March 12, Sgt. Loredo was back on the beat. He responded to a call from the French Quarter Bar & Grill at about 9 p.m. after receiving information that there was a naked man in the restroom of the restaurant.

When he arrived, the man was dressed and in the parking lot, reported the officer. He identified the suspect as 34-year-old Joe Vasquez. According to Loredo, he could smell alcohol emanating from Vasquez as they were talking. Loredo arrested Vasquez for public intoxication.

After making the arrest, Loredo reported that he saw three more people staggering as they exited the bar. He spoke with them and smelled alcohol on them too, he said. He arrested 42-year-old Terrie Fuller, 50-year-old Charles Chesser and 46-year-old Jeff Bass for public intoxication. He transported all four to the Orange County Jail.