Vidor policeman struck by motorist while directing homecoming traffic

Vidor policeman struck by motorist while directing homecoming traffic

A Vidor policeman was released from the hospital and is recovering from injuries after being struck by a motorist following the Vidor homecoming football game Friday night, Oct. 17.

About 10:28 p.m. Friday, Vidor Police officers were directing traffic at the intersection of South Main and Orange streets. Three officers were in the intersection, wearing reflective gear and using flashlights.

Officer Thomas Meadows was working and controlling the flow of northbound traffic from South Main when he was struck by a vehicle driven by a 78-year-old Vidor woman who did not stop at his request, according to a press release by Vidor Police. Meadows was thrown on top of the car and rolled off. He received injuries to his head, scrapes to his arms and hands and was transported to Baptist Hospital in Beaumont.

Meadows was later released and is expected to return to work in a couple of days, the release states. Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the incident.

"This is one of the hazards police officers face in the line of duty. We are very fortunate Officer Meadows escaped with minor injuries. We look forward to seeing him back on the street in no time," said Vidor Police Chief Dave Shows.