Vidor resident finds bolt in popsicle

Vidor resident finds bolt in popsicle

Vidor resident Dianne King said she was taking a break from the heat to enjoy a delicious Oak Farms “Dreamsicle” when she got a nasty surprise.

“I was eating a Dreamsicle, the last one in the box,” King said. “When I got it out of the package, I noticed the stick was broken. I ate the first few bites off the top and saw this round silver thing.”

King could not tell what it was at first. She cut the popsicle open with a kitchen knife and saw it was a bolt, possibly from the machine processing or packaging the popsicle, she said.

“It was a bolt about one inch long,” King continued. “It wasn’t just a little screw. The head of it is almost the size of a dime. I just thought, ‘What if a child would have gotten a hold of it.’”

King said she intends to report her Oct. 3 discovery to the manufacturer and hopes they will be more careful in the future.