Wacky pursuit ends in re-arrest for convict


Some stories seem so ridiculous or comical that it may be difficult to believe them. But believe it or not, this story is true, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Jonathan Gloston, 33, was released fully clothed from the Jefferson County jail, where he had been incarcerated on public intoxication charges, on Tuesday, July 29. Gloston was re-arrested in less than an hour’s time after he first stole a motorized maintenance vehicle (very much like a golf cart) from the jailhouse grounds, and then attempted to flee in a sheriff’s deputy’s personal vehicle – all while wearing what looked like his underwear, reports a witness.

According to a news release from the JCSO, Gloston got out of jail at approximately 8:38 a.m. Tuesday morning. At 9:13 a.m., he drew the attention of a deputy attending training at the correctional facility when he was seen running across the grass near the visitation center. The deputy witnessed Gloston jump onto a maintenance department motorized cart. The maintenance person manning the cart became engaged in an altercation with Gloston and was thrown from the vehicle. The deputy, still watching events unfold, jumped into his personal vehicle and gave chase to the maintenance cart as it left the jail grounds.

The maintenance cart, with Gloston driving, left the correctional facility traveling southbound on the service road. Gloston then reportedly attempted to turn the maintenance cart onto a pipeline road south of the jail but quickly lost control on the rocky terrain, rolling the cart onto its side. Gloston took off running with the deputy on foot in hot pursuit. As the deputy gave chase, he lost his footing on the rocks and stumbled, allowing Gloston a window of opportunity. Gloston blazed past the deputy, agilely maneuvering around the 6-foot-7  officer, and entered the deputy’s personal pickup truck, reports Jefferson County Deputy Rod Carroll. The deputy did not fall, and regained his footing in time to fire two shots toward his own vehicle’s back tire, striking the rear tire as Gloston made his getaway southbound on the Highway 69 service road.

Additional deputies soon arrived on scene and were able to initiate a pursuit of the deputy’s stolen vehicle. The vehicle drove southbound on Highway 69 exiting FM 365, turning east, then southbound on Ninth Avenue before turning eastbound on Highway 73. As air leaked from the tire, it flattened, causing the pickup truck to come to a stop on Highway 73 at the 32nd Street exit.

Gloston was arrested and taken back to jail at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility. He is being charged with unauthorized use of motor vehicle, robbery and evading detention in a motor vehicle.

Mike King was traveling on Highway 73 at the time of the incident and witnessed some of the events as they transpired. He said it’s no wonder Gloston was so agile. After all, the man was practically naked as he fled from the jail grounds.

“I saw a guy driving a golf cart, and, I don’t have the best eyesight in the world, but it looked like he was in his underwear,” reported King. “He was either in dark clothes or in his underwear.”

Deputy Rod Carroll says it appeared to him as Gloston sat handcuffed in the backseat of a police vehicle that the suspect was clothed in a pair of shorts.

“I think he had shorts on,” said Carroll. “I don’t think he had his shirt on.”

Shorts or underwear, King says it was quite a sight.

“That’s what I found comical – somebody tried to steal a golf cart to get away from police,” laughed King.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says they would like to thank the Port Arthur Police Department and Groves Police Department, who assisted in bringing this pursuit to a safe conclusion.