Waffle House murder suspect arrested

Waffle House murder suspect arrested

Beaumont Police officers Tuesday afternoon arrested a 19-year-old suspected to have committed aggravated robbery at a local Waffle House last week.

Javante Jordan Stoker of Beaumont was taken into custody in the 4700 block of Park Street by U.S. Marshalls, according to BPD Officer Carol Riley.   

“Basically, today around 2:30 p.m. we were able to arrest Javante Stoker for aggravated robbery that occurred on August 7,” said Riley. “The victim had gone to the Waffle House to have some breakfast and he decided to go outside with a couple of friends and have a dice game.”

Riley said Mr. Stoker is claimed to have been a member of the dice game, and reacted violently when he lost. 

“The victim said Mr. Stoker lost, went to his vehicle, got a gun, came back and tried to rob everybody,” she said. “The victim refused and at some point Stoker reportedly shot the victim.”

When asked about the Waffle House incident outside the Beaumont Police Department, Stoker repeatedly denied any accusations of him shooting someone.

“We already had a motion to revoke and theft of a firearm charge (on him), “ Riley said. “Right now Javante is a suspect and he has been transported to Jefferson County Jail.”