Walker re-trial to start in Beaumont

Walker re-trial to start in Beaumont

Electrician Calvin Walker's second trial on charges of defrauding the Beaumont Independent School District will start in Beaumont on July 23 after a federal judge's ruling on Thursday. U.S. District Judge Ron Clark ruled that if 60 jurors can't be found within two days of the trial's start, it will be moved to Lufkin and the trial will start on July 30.

Clark's decision comes three weeks after a motion was made by federal prosecutors to move the trial because of "extensive media coverage." Dick Deguerin, Walker's defense attorney, opposed the move. The last trial ended in December with a hung jury. Walker, who is alleged to have over-billed BISD some $4 million, faces 37 counts including mail fraud, wire fraud, wire fraud, interstate transportation of funds by fraud, fraud upon programs receiving federal funds and money laundering.



This guy is a piece of shit.

This guy is a piece of shit. The majority of BISD is a piece of shit. It seems that almost all "African-American" people IMMEDIATELY resort to the race card for anything and everything. This is isn't 1952, get over your selves and stop pissing off peoples hard earned money. Take your Lone Star cards and your free goverment cell phones and piss off

"Extensive Media Coverage", huh?

Interesting that before the first trial when I would say there was MORE extensive media coverage in print, on air and the blogs, all of it negative to the defendant, the federal prosecutor Mr. Rawls wanted to keep the trial here because I guess he thought it would be a slam dunk for him.

Maybe that's what apparently made Mr. Rawls lazy the first time around, and from my understanding of reading the juror's comments after the trial was over, he presented a sloppy case and got his @ss kicked by DeGuerin.

Of course DeGuerin is being helped by the continuing saga of one BISD scandal after the other, and in many ways always worse than the last, that people are really not paying attention this time around because it's old hat. Maybe that will change as it gets closer to trial time.

Either way it goes I think Walker can get a fair trial here and I rather think it's important that it is held here so maybe at least this issue involving a BISD scandal can be laid to rest for good by our own and not others.



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