Jessie Haynes


The Jefferson County District Attor- ney was issued an arrest warrant for Beaumont Independent School District communications director Jessie Haynes this week, charging the BISD employee with obstructing the pas- sage of BISD Trust- ee Mike Neil in an Aug. 1 confrontation at the district’s administration build- ing.

Video surveillance of the alterca- tion shows Haynes blocking a doorway and refusing admittance to Neil who is an elected official of the school district. According to the district attorney’s application for the arrest warrant, Haynes did, “intentionally, knowingly and recklessly, and without legal privilege or authority and regardless of the means, obstruct a hallway, entrance or exit to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access … against the peace and dignity of the state.”

The offense is a class B misdemeanor.

BISD Police Department Sgt. Danny Moore had made the recommendation of the charges in a submission to the district attorney on Sept. 10. According to Moore’s statement, “Due to video evidence and several sworn statements taken from witnesses, I request that a warrant be issued on Ms. Haynes for the offense.”

Haynes alleges that Neil assaulted her during the Aug. 1 incident; however, no charges have been filed against Neil. BISD superintendent Timothy Chargois commissioned outside attorneys to investigate the event, but nearly two months and $20,000 in legal fees later, the attorneys have yet to present their findings.

— Jennifer Johnson