Wanted gang member found dead

Wanted gang member found dead

The Port Arthur Police Department reported they have found the body of a fugitive involved in a March 23 shooting, who was also responsible for other incidents in the city.

PAPD officers responded to the 1000 block of Delaware and upon their arrival, found Javier Palacios deceased in the alleyway. The department is not releasing details surrounding his death, however, previous information released from PAPD showed Palacios was an active gang member of the Sureños 13 gang.

“You have some gang members who fly under the radar and do not want to talk about their affiliation with gangs,” PAPD Det. Mike Hebert said. “He is not one of those people, so he is what we would refer to as a ‘self-proclaimed’ gang member. He goes out and tells you that this is his gang and this is what he does.”

According to Hebert, Palacios had several warrants, including unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. On March 23, officers responded to a residence two blocks from where Palacios was found in reference to a shooting. A victim was found with "massive" injuries to his lower extremities, likely caused by an AK-47 assault riffle. 

“We know that Mr. Palacios is our number one suspect. He was identified as the individual that pulled the trigger that day," Hebert said at the time. The victim was transported to a local hospital and due to the severity of his injuries, one leg has been amputated and there is a possibility the victim will lose his remaining extremity. In spite of the gravity of his wounds, the victim of the shooting declined pressing charges against Palacios, and Hebert previously commented that fear was not a motivating factor to refrain from police involvement, leading to speculation that Palacios killing was a result of retaliation.