Watch the US Attorney's press conference on BISD indictments

Watch the US Attorney's press conference on BISD indictments

Indictments are in for two Beaumont Independent School District employees charged with embezzling millions from the district. The U.S. Attorney's Office will hold a press conference announcing the new development at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 8, but The Examiner has obtained a copy of the filed indictments available at the


For the court documents, click here:

UPDATE:Watch the live press conference here:

UPDATE:View the entire press conference below.



Would it be possible to

Would it be possible to eventually remove "Butch's" name of the stadium on IH-10? It is an eyesore we have endured long enough.

Better late than never

Just be mindful that it took TEA (Texas Education Agency) TWELVE YEARS after Carrol Thomas left North Forest ISD before stepping in and taking decisive action (to merge North Forest ISD with Houston ISD . . . even to the objection of Sheila Jackson Lee).

QUESTION IS: How long will it take TEA to step in and re-establish sanity, respectability and accountability within BISD?

Texas is controlled by

Texas is controlled by Republicans, where is the governor? counting his money, his government check and pension check.


Members of the BISD are elected by the people of that district , not the governor.

Nope, Not Statewide or National Republicans or Democrats

The people of Beaumont need to own up to this fiasco and stop pointing the finger at state or national politicians of either party. It starts with the school board, the superintendent they hire, and their willingness and ability to perform their oversight responsibilities. Beaumont is 0 for 3 there, and things won't change until that changes.

Obama? Give Me a Break!

This has nothing at all to do with Obama. It has everything to do with the citizens of Beaumont, the school board they elect, the superintendent that board hires (under a contract that violated their explicit contractual instructions), the board's inability or unwillingness to do its fundamental job, and the citizens' inability or unwillingness to hold them accountable. No worry. Law enforcement and the state will hold them accountable now. This is just the beginning.

Last Bite of the Apple?

The last bite of the apple won't be taken until this grossly overpaid superintendent and the criminals and incompetent liars on his administrative staff are gone, gone, gone. Not close yet.


Obamas democrat's at their best!


Texas is controlled by Republicans, Governor Rick Perry is responsible for Texas.

Please give me a break. These

Please give me a break. These alleged criminals at bisd are not likely republicans.

corruption- just like the

corruption- just like the stadium built off I-H 10

BISD Indictments

I expect the investigation into criminal activity at BISD to continue for quite a while. In his press conference today, Mr. Bales, federal district attorney said that the pair indicted today were caught red handed and that the investigation is ongoing. They may have completed the investigation into McCraney and Allison's scheme, but they didn't say anything about the BISD investigation being completed. This one is far from over.

Last Bite ?

This could be the last effort for the 'judicial' bite of the apple. . . . which would allow a fresh, clean start.

In the name of God and country and for the sake of the community residents, may it (the last judicial bite of the apple) be completely satisfactory for the future direction of Beaumont.

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