Weekend fundraiser garners money for Samaritan Counseling Services

Giles Broussard fires at a clay.

Samaritan Counseling Services held its second annual “Shoot Benefiting the Children” clay shoot event at 1-in-100 Gun Club in Lumberton on Saturday, Feb. 9. According to Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeast Texas Executive Director Tracy Williams, 36 shooters participated in the event, which earned close to $7,000 for children services for the center. About 30 volunteers also showed up at the event from various local organizations.

“We just started last year, so we are really looking forward to growing in the future,” Williams said. “Our goal is to eventually collect $25,000 from the shoot for children using the center.”

Samaritan Counseling Services of Southeast Texas Board President Nathan Cross said the event is an important fundraiser to pay for services the facility provides to children who visit them for counseling. Cross said children often have emotional distress caused by anger issues, parental conflicts and divorce issues, and other events in their lives. If the children need counseling and cannot afford it, Cross said that is where Samaritan comes in. The fees for counseling are reduced and, in some cases, could cost nothing for children in need.

“Kids have a tough enough time just being kids,” Cross said at the event.

He said Samaritan uses a variety of techniques when working with children at the facility. He said they use “play therapy” where the children act out or play pretend to demonstrate the problems they are having. He said the center utilizes licensed and certified staff members, and the funds from the clay shoot would help pay their salaries along with the facility’s overhead expenses.

Although the fundraiser was Saturday, the nonprofit organization accepts donations throughout the year. For information on how to donate, contact their main office at (409) 727-6400.