West Brook booster account pilfered

Bo Kelley was president of the West Brook High School Booster Club.

Beaumont Independent School District’s West Brook High School Booster Club is undergoing drastic changes since it was revealed Friday, Feb. 14, that president Bo Kelley is being removed for allegedly stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the student athletics account. Vice president Joey Hilliard is stepping in as the acting president until the booster club board of trustees can appoint a selection committee to nominate a new booster leader.

“I found out Friday, and basically became the booster president,” Hilliard told The Examiner on Monday, Feb. 17. “We immediately filed a report with the bank and we have been informed that we will be able to be reimbursed some of the money.”

According to Hilliard, the bank has agreed to replace $17,000 that Kelley was able to take from a booster club bank account. At least another $12,000 in checks and charges is also missing from a separate account held by the booster club, Hilliard said. Certified accountants from the Wathen, DeShong and Junker auditing firm have been called in to thoroughly examine the bank accounts of the West Brook High School Booster Club. “Until we get a full audit, we have no idea exactly how much he has taken from the kids at this point,” Hilliard said. Once the total is known, he added, “We plan on going after him to the fullest extent of the law for what he stole from our boys.”

In the interim, Hilliard has been notifying booster members, school district personnel, and campus coaches and administrators.

“I’m just sickened by all of this. (Kelley) was my friend,” Hilliard said. “He was a dear friend to me but it doesn’t matter, he stole from our boys and he’s got to pay for it. That’s the way I feel about it.

“We need our money back. We aren’t going to stand for this.”

Hilliard said that Kelley admitted to him that he stole the money, and that the process of embezzling the booster club money has been going on for roughly one year.

A call to Kelley’s cell phone for comment went unanswered.



West Brook Booster Club

I'm going submit a hypothesis here:

He didn't really steal the money. He was
only practicing for a job within
the B.I.S.D. administration. (-:

Bo Kelley

What about the company investors that Bo Kelley has with his business? Is their money safe?

Bo Kelley thief

shame on you Bo Kelley. My son asked, "how could he do that to us"?

When can we see this on the

When can we see this on the front page?.????

Just had to get on here to

Just had to get on here to make sure the Examiner captured the story, West Brooks booster club, busted!

Glad to see that the story

Glad to see that the story was posted, all before West Brooks booster money was accounted for soooo..... Just when the focus is on Central and Pat Lambert, ole West Brook makes the news for stealing money as well.


That wasn't Lambert's project, it was Woody's grand baby mama's slush fund. She made a cool $10k, then moved to Houston. Charges were filed at BP but someone failed to cooperate with the investigation, so there was no prosecution. Imagine that.

That's a drop in the bucket

That's a drop in the bucket compared to how much the god child has raised to relocate to Desoto. Morning and after school concession s daily. Occasionally during school. Cash in the pockets. At least Mr. Kelley apologized and said he would pay it back. We are waiting for these scandals to be acknowledged. OK again pet projects. My mistake.

Great job Mr. Hilliard. The

Great job Mr. Hilliard. The south side of town PTA's need your help in tracking down stolen money.Shhhhh. South Park Middle School and Charlton Poullard Dunbar Elementary. Sorry, they are Lambert's pet projects.

Unfortunately, several other

Unfortunately, several other organizations will be affected by this. Other Booster clubs agreed to participate in the fundraiser led by the Football Booster Club. The other groups sold "car washes" to members of the community to raise funds. These funds were collected by the Football Booster Club and were supposed to be distributed based on each club's sales.

Why did he have access to the

Why did he have access to the Student Activity funds? Booster Clubs should have their own separate accounts, separate from that of the school.
Also, Booster Clubs should prepare monthly financial statements to present to the club and to the school administration. There are safeguards that should be established to prevent this from happening.

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