Where the wild things were

Where the wild things were

On the weekend of the ‘super’ full moon, escape artists, mind readers and ghoul gurus from far and wide were in Beaumont for the Texas Ghost Show on Saturday, March 19.  The event is one of the largest paranormal conventions in the nation after only it’s second year. 

Big names in both paranormal investigation and entertainment at TGS were David Rountree, Brad and Barry Klinge of Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab, and Christopher Saint Booth of SyFy channel’s Spooked TV. 

As promotion for the show, escape artist Aron Houdini performed several escapes in various locations around town; beginning Thursday, March 17, Aron performed his signature regulation straight jacket escape while hanging upside down from a crane on Crockett Street—twice.  While he is the great grand-nephew of Harry Houdini, Aron’s execution of this stunt in particular sets him apart from every other performing illusionist in the world.  All well-known performing magicians, including Aron’s former mentor Lance Burton, escape from a specially tailored magician’s straightjacket. Aron’s straight jacket is the real deal.

Before his arrival, Aron threw a few challenges around town—one of which was accepted by the Beaumont Police Department.  As promised, officers appeared at the TGS wrap party at the MGM Elegante Hotel Saturday night with the restraint device of their choice—two different sets of handcuffs.  Aron promptly escaped both, keeping himself from being jailed for 24 hours (his end of the deal) and walking away with the restraints, which he plans to sell for charity.

Those who came out to see the young Houdini should plan to stay tuned on his career, as he said he is currently in negotiations for developing his own television show for a major network.

Whether you were impressed by his daredevil antics or not, Aron Houdini is currently traveling to his next show in Gettysburg, Penn., with two mementos from his visit in Beaumont:

BPD handcuffs.