Woman arrested for meth in Orange

Woman arrested for meth in Orange

Orange police arrested one woman for possession of a controlled substance over the weekend after finding methamphetamine during a traffic stop, the second incident involving the drug on Jan. 9.

At approximately 1:30 p.m., only minutes after two men were stopped and arrested for possession of methamphetamine in a separate traffic stop, OPD Sgt. Robert Estrello pulled over 25-year-old Orange resident Holly Rachel Williams for making an illegal lane change at Park Avenue and 16th Street. Estrello reported Williams was speaking fast and could not keep still during their conversation, and he described her as "nervous." When he asked the woman if she had any narcotics, Williams asked the officer if he wanted to search her person. When she empties her pockets, Estrello reportedly observed a small red baggie with what appeared to him to have meth residue on the inside. After receiving consent to search the woman's vehicle, Estrello discovered a "meth pipe" inside a bag in the floorboard. Another officer found one alprazalom, or Xanax, in the suspect;s back pocket. Williams was arrested for a possession of a controlled substance and transported to the Orange County Jail. Once in handcuffs, Williams reportedly told officer she had meth inside her bra. Upon searching the woman at the jail, officers discovered another Xanax and two more containers of meth, one red and one blue, both with blue baggies inside.



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