Woman arrested for showing up to CPS hearing intoxicated, police report

Dunisha Baker

A woman who allegedly showed up drunk for a CPS hearing was arrested in Orange on Jan. 9, police report.

According to a police report by Orange Police Department Officer Brice Due, 24-year-old Dunisha Baker of Orange was arrested under suspicion of public intoxication after a state investigator called police and reported the woman had shown up at the office, apparently under the influence of something, for a hearing pertaining to her children.

When Due responded, he reports, he saw Baker sitting on a bench inside the CPS office. He reports that her eyes were red and glassy and that her speech was "badly slurred." He stated in the report that he had to repeat statements several times because Baker seemed to have trouble focusing on his speech. When asked if she had taken any narcotics or prescription medications, Due reports she told him she had taken Xanax bars, Carequil and Prozac, allegedly admitting she obtained the Xanax illegally "off the street."

Baker was arrested and transported to the Orange County Jail.