Woo: police arrest admittedly intoxicated suspect in Orange

Kristi Lynn Melancon

A woman who admitted being high on "Woo," which police identified as a synthetic marijuana blend, and her male companion were arrested after allegedly arguing in the open street during the mandatory evacuation in east Orange on March 17, reports Officer Stephen Ward of the Orange Police Department.

Ward indicated that he was conducting traffic at about 10 :30 a.m. on that date when he was approached by a couple of motorists who said they witnesses a man and woman fighting in the roadway at the intersection of 14th Street and Orange Avenue. When Officer Ward investigated, he found the man and woman described by the motorists. The male, identified as 18-year-old Gavyn Blaze Logan of Orange, was sitting on a bicycle, but seemed to be doing so with some difficulty, according to Ward. 

"It appeared that his balance was off," the officer explained, adding that Logan also displayed dilated pupils and slurred speech.

When Ward to spoke to the female reportedly involved in the altercation, identified as 25-year-old Kristi Melancon of Orange, he said she showed similar signs of intoxication. Upon questioning her, Melancon told him she had smoked some woo earlier in the day. 

Logan and Melancon were both arrested for public intoxication and taken to the Orange County Jail. 

A public database revealed Melancon has a history of theft and criminal trespass, and even has a trespass warrant at her family home. She was recently removed from her father's residence after violating the trespass warrant there. She was also mentioned in The Examiner in September 2014 after attempting to blackmail a convenience store employee into giving her a cell phone by threatening to tell police the man sold the same substance she admitted using in her most recent arrest, synthetic marijuana. 

According to Urban Dictionary and other sources, "woo" is also another name for marijuana combined with heroin or cocaine, or for a cocktail of multiple drugs.