World AIDS Day 2013

World AIDS Day 2013

World AIDS Days is Dec. 1, 2013, and it represents an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV.

In observance of World AIDS Day, the Port Arthur Health Department is hosting a STD & HIV/AIDS march on Dec. 2 at 11:30 a.m The march will serve to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS along with various other sexually transmitted diseases that plague the community. There will also be a t-shirt design contest during the event that will showcase slogans and designs that promote awareness of STDs. All participants are eligible to participate. The winner of the t-shirt design contest will receive a $75 gift card.

The walk will begin at 1300 Joe Louis Ave. in Port Arthur and will proceed along a pre-mapped path that will end at the pavilion on Thomas Blvd., next to Washington Elementary School. For more information, please call disease intervention specialist Robert Gillord at (409) 983-8892.



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